Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring, Swings, Screen and Cranes

We see signs of Spring busting out all over.  The birds are singing and the flowers and the trees are blooming.
It is a beautiful time of year!

We got a bit of a late start to the day and began with a trip over to see Pam and Joan's daddy.  He is in the cabinet-making / woodworking business and it is always interesting to see what he has going.
We then ran by Wal-Mart and went back to Joan and Mike's house for a few projects.  Pam got help from Michelle and they dismantled the old BBQ grill...
while I did some repairs on the swing set.  A bolt had come loose and the monkey bars needed replacing.
The swingset needed to be stabilized and I just cut and secured some 2x2s with some long screws.
Then the screen in the screen door needed to be replaced so we got some help to do that.  We also put a kick board on the front of the door so the screen won't come loose again down there.
After dinner, nephew Joey called Mike and told him he had a crane at his house and was going to lift a fallen tree out of the back yard.  We hustled over there and watched the process.  Mike helped while I documented the action in pictures.  :)
It is fascinating to see this fairly simple operation (simple for the professionals).  Joey works for Barnhart Crane and senior operator Bill was there on the controls this time.  Mike also is an operator (with Erection Specialists, Inc) and I just stood back and watched them do their thing.
Quite interesting to see a 2,000 lb tree be lifted out of the back yard and placed along the driveway in the side yard.

After that we went back to Mike and Joan's and hung out for a while.  I went over to Michelle and Jeremy's and spent some time talking to them.  It is nice being able to be near relatives fairly often and see them.  That is one of the big benefits of this full-time lifestyle.

We appreciate you viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today.  Hope you are having a good week.


  1. What a busy day... Looks like you accomplisjed a lot of odd jobs... Have fun with your family
    Travel Safe

  2. Like Donna said, that was a busy day. "Daddy" sure has a nice looking woodworking shop there - nice and big too. From what I could see, he appears to be an excellent craftsman. I agree that it is always nice to see a real professional operate any kind of equipment. Moving that huge tree was pretty slick!