Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Ready to Leave Maynardville

Our first item on the agenda was to make a run out to Tennessee RV and Camping World.  We picked up a couple of light bulbs for our coach.  We looked, but there wasn't anything else we couldn't do without.
Then we looked on the lot and saw an early version of Tiffin Motorhomes' Allegro Bay.  It is an old diesel pusher that looks to be in real good condition.  I was interested to see that they had a 'full' size bath tub in this older edition...
Since we were fairly close by, we went over to where Mike works (Erection Specialists, Inc - ESI).  There we saw the office area and met Buddy, Ronnie (not pictured), Mike and Sandra.
They were very friendly and it looks like a great place to work.  Plus they are Roadrunner Chronicles readers!

When we got back to Joan and Mike's, Pam put some touch-up paint on the swing set.  I logged on to my work computer for a while, then gave myself a haircut.  After that, Helen came by with some peanut butter fudge to send us on our way.

I was going to wash the RV, but it was pretty windy so I didn't think that was too good of an idea.  (I didn't need much of a reason not to do that....) Instead, I washed the windshield and got rid of the bugs.

We had a great roast beef dinner, then decided to do a group shot of purple wrist bracelets to show our support and send it to "For the Love of Meghan" site on FaceBook.  If you haven't seen it, read about her story and add her to your and/or your churches prayer list.
Two of the identities are captured here:
Michelle and daughter Kayla!
That was our day~ Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. A couple of questions from your blog, Randy. How do you get out of a Camping World buying only a couple of light bulbs?? And, how in the world do you give yourself a haircut??

    The purple wristbands for Meghan are a great idea and the group pic was special.

  2. Loved the bracelets.... Picture was awesome and I know it cheered her up. I can go into Camping world and not get much... because we already bought it all... LOL LOL
    Have a great day & travel safe!