Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maynardville by Dinner

First of all -- thank you Kathleen!  She asked me on Facebook why she keeps getting two notifications when I post a blog update.  Fred said he gets three! Ugh!  Not good!!  I had no idea I was spamming people.  How many others of you also get double notifications (or more?).  I APOLOGIZE!

Once I finish my post, I view the blog, then go to the upper left hand corner of the post and 'Share' with Twitter and Facebook.  From now on, I will just 'Share' with Facebook and see if that corrects the problem.  Please let me know...

It keeps getting warmer the farther east we drive.  It was 84 two days ago in Louisiana followed by yesterday's 94 in Tennessee.  We are loving the weather these days!

Back in our Mississippi campground where we started the day, I decided to get a couple of things done before we left.  My left front tire has a tendency to be a few pounds light, so I got out the air compressor and filled it.
While I was at it, I undid and retightened the sewer hose connection so it did not drip when I hooked it up to the black tank.  I also hooked up an auxiliary hose to spray the inside of the black tank.
It was only 7:30 in the morning, but two trains had come barreling through near our campground so I figured anyone who was asleep was awake by then.

We then filled up with diesel at a nice Shell station near our exit.  $284 later we were on the road.  It was about 8:30.  I drove for a couple of hours and Pam said she wanted to drive.

We changed at a Rest Stop in Mississippi and Pam took over.
I made the sandwiches for a change.  Key to  digestible sandwiches is French bread that is not as hard as a brick... Oh well, you go with what you've got sometimes.  Good thing the bananas were OK.

After lunch, I retreated back to the sofa for a quick nap.  'Quick' turned into almost an hour!  We found another Rest but Pam informed me she just wanted to go to the bathroom and still wanted to drive...  Sounds good to me.  You know me, I am always the agreeable type...  :)

What she didn't plan on was a long long stretch of jersey walls and road construction for the second day in a row while she was driving.  Usually I get them.
This is a picture of the easy stretch, with only one wall on the right.  The harder ones are where there was a jersey wall on each side of a two lane stretch.  She really earned her stripes there.  She did a great job and is getting more and more comfortable with driving this big thing.

The day was better than gorgeous and the outdoor thermometer topped off at 94!  We loved it!

We got to Knoxville and then on to Maynardville in time for dinner.  We parked at Mike and Joan's place where Mike had carved out a pad for us last summer.

After dinner, by little buddy Noah helped me set up a game of ladder ball.
Then we sat outside and talked with Joan, Mike, Michelle and Kayla for a while.
We went inside after a while and I jumped on the RV-Dreams chat line for a little while.  Been a long time since I have done that.  I was asking for help in finding some good campgrounds that are open this time of year near the Ferndale/Port Huron area.  Many are not open yet.  As I had hoped, I got some help and will be looking through RV Park Reviews.  I have gone there before but forgot about it.  Not sure when we will be leaving Tennessee but we will be here for a few days.

And Welcome to our 94th Follower:

Happy Easter everyone!  And thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Good Morning... Glad your travel day was safe and you arrived at your destination... Pam is a brave women... I never drive with the barriers unlees they surprise me. Thanks for mentioning RV Dreams... I had heard about it but never went there. I have now and again I say a big THANKS...Have fun and Happy Easter!

  2. You are very lucky to be able to take the occasional break from driving the rig. The idea of laying down on a sofa while traveling down the interstate is very appealing to me. However, we have a 5'er, so that's not going to happen! Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. FYI this post still appeared twice on my facebook page :(

  4. Have a Happy Easter with the family. Thanks for keeping us informed.