Saturday, April 17, 2010

Michigan's Algonac State Park

We drove about 6 hours yesterday to get to Algonac State Park.  We were up at at 'em by 7:30.  After breakfast we started hitching up.  I parked the car out of the way and got it lined up to hitch up.  Then I pulled the coach out of our campsite.
We like the Patriot Blue Ox braking system.  It seems to be doing a very good job.  It took a couple of trys to get it initialized and set up and soon we were on our way.  The pink/red cable is a the breakaway cable that lets us know if we have a serious problem with the towing.  If the car somehow breaks away from the RV tow system, the cable pulls the breakaway key out and the car immediately comes to a halt. Better to do that than careen away into traffic or something.  We intended to do this long ago and are glad we have the added peace of mind and safety that comes with it.

It was a beautiful day for driving from Ohio to Michigan.  Once we got across the state line into Michigan, we pulled over at a Rest Area/Information Center.
Sure enough-- we were able to get a  lot of good maps and RV campground information.  I like the short historical markers in states.  This tells me Michigan was big into the lumber industry in the 1880s, then became know for mining before it became synonymous with the auto industry.

The drive was pretty easy and with out incident until just outside of Detroit.  There we were backed up for about 30 minutes when three lanes on I-94 narrowed down to one lane.  There had been a car accident and it was getting cleaned up.
We found Algonac State Park easily and thoroughly enjoyed the drive from I-94 around St Clair Lake and Anchor Bay to Algonac.  There was a lot of beautiful country side and nice towns to drive through.
It is a very heavy boating area with lots and lots of water nearby.  We drove along St Clair Lake and are next to Roberts Landing at the Algonac State Park.  We are right next to the St. Clair River.

The park is not fully open for business yet but we followed directions to the Headquarters building on the other side of the park.  
It is still the off season so there was no one at the front gate.

We found a helpful ranger at the Headquarters and backed up the Roadrunner to load up with water.
Next we found a good campsite and got set up.  They are pretty good size and hardly any one was at the park so we had plenty of room.
We checked out the facilities and they seemed to be well kept and clean.
The barges and other river traffic were within 50 feet of us.
Canada is on the other side of the river.

We took a walk around the park after dinner and found a hiking trail.
And looked at how they store picnic tables in this part of the country during the winter.

It was  a beautiful sunset.
Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Please join us again.  Comments encouraged and welcomed!

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  1. Congrats on making it to MI. Thanks for all the pictures. The other half of my family lives in Allen Park on the other side of Detroit. We camped in their driveway for a month or more, a few years back. I hope you enjoy the stay there and find the kids doing as well as possible.