Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gym and Judy

Yesterday was another beautiful day at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Pam cleaned and I went over to the base gym and had a good workout.
I spent some time on the elliptical machine and ran a couple of miles, then went over to the bicycle machines.  These things are amazing.  I logged on and picked my route and was off on a five mile bike ride.
The video is like a game and I moved the hand grips to increase or decrease my gears and picked up the right and left levers (handlebars) to adjust my direction and  stay on course.  It makes working out a lot of fun.  I also like the stats that are generated:  heart rate, speed, distance etc.

Next we came back to the Roadrunner.  I did some online work while Pam cleaned the coach and did the laundry.  In mid-afternoon, we left for Cincinnati (actually nearby Milford) and dinner at our friend Judy's house.  It was an easy 90 minute drive.

She has a lovely home on a huge lot and we enjoyed some good conversation on her beautiful enclosed back porch.  We met Judy on our first NOMADS project in Pontiac, Illinois last July.   Then we were fortunate enough to meet up with her again in Tucson.
She is home in Milford before she heads out to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for a volunteer position for the summer.  Judy is a retired school teacher and does a lot of volunteering and has taken on a few other interests.

One of her new hobbies is weaving and she showed us her loom and some of her recent projects:  scarves, curtains, and placemats.  They are very nice and she is getting very good at it.
After some late afternoon munchies ("poo poos" as they say in Hawaii) on her fantastic back porch, we had a great dinner of a pot roast and baked potatoes.  We crossed over the line with the key lime pie and strawberries for desert but it was good!
It is more than fun being able to see friends and we are grateful for the freedom this RV full-time lifestyle offers!

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!

We have one big day left before we head out for a campground north of Detroit...


  1. Love the pics of the loom and handwovens! Looks like a Schacht Mighty Wolf 8harness loom if I am not mistaken? Tell her she does good work!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. That gym at the AFB looks fantastic. Great place for a good workout. Enjoyed the pics of the woven items and seeing you both with your friend. Have a great weekend.