Monday, April 5, 2010

A Beautiful Easter Sunday

It was another beautiful day in Maynardville yesterday on Easter Sunday.

We started out with pancakes for breakfast, then got cleaned up for the 11:00 service over at Ball Road Missionary Baptist Church.
Here's a picture of Michelle and Jeremy with their two, Kayla and Noah.
After church we got another picture that included Mike and Joan.
We went for a drive and stopped by Tennessee RV but they were closed on Sunday.  Mike's works for ESI (Erection Specialists, Inc) and is a crane operator.  It was nearby so we drove past that as we took the back roads home to their house.

Mike and I washed the cars and we spent most of the afternoon outside.
Michelle and Kayla and Noah came over for a while and played more ladder ball and then we enjoyed the afternoon chatting.

Michelle works for Knoxville Employees Credit Union and she gave Pam a picnic blanket that we will put to good use.
We also found out we could join the credit union for $5 and apply online, so we will have to take advantage of that.  It was very thoughtful of Michelle and a very nice gift.  She must work for a great place!

We talked some more, then went back to the coach for the evening and saw some MLB with the Opening Game of the season.  I cashed it in when it was 7-7 in the top of the 8th.  Gotta love the Red Sox vs Yankees!

That was our day--hope you had a nice Easter too!  Thanks for viewing and we look forward to your comments.  And we look forward to getting to 100 Followers soon...  :)

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  1. Good Morning... So happy your day was wonderful and you got to spend it with family... How nice! Have a great day and travel safe...