Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soggy Saturday

First I want to say Welcome! to our 98th Follower:
Jim Smith
Thanks for joining us and helping us get closer to our 100 Followers milestone.  I wonder which one is going to get us there??

The big news yesterday wasn't so big.  It was rainy and overcast most of the day.  Now and then I like those days.  We spent a lot of time in the Roadrunner.  I did some work on my spreadsheets, some work on my never-ending Picasa photos and got caught up reading a lot of friends' blogs.

We have a nice campsite and many have fire rings for campfires.  The weather is going to be nice in a few days and we want to be sitting around the campfire too.  But I hate the thought of paying for firewood.  It seems to me like I am burning $$.  Maybe that is just me-- but I much prefer to find some and go get it.

How about you--do you pay for firewood?

I have been looking on Craigslist for a few days and I found some about 30 miles away.  They told me to call them after noon which I did.  Sure enough, they still had some and gave us their address so we could pick it up.

By then the rain/drizzle had stopped and we had no problem finding the house.  Sometimes these things can go either way.  'Firewood' can be huge tree stumps or big logs.  But this was perfect.  They had cut it into small pieces and we loaded it into the back of our Honda.
We didn't want to overload it so we were a little cautious and only picked up two wheel barrows full.  But it is a great start.  Maybe we will go back and get some more.
We stacked it next to a tree near our newly acquired fire ring and we're all set.

Pam went to the grocery store after that and I chilled a little and watched some of the golf.  The PGA tour is playing this week in New Orleans.  I like these kinds of tournaments because they have a large field and guys you never heard of who get to live their dream and play in a PGA event and try to make something happen.  These are the kinds of tournaments where a few players that made a splash a few years ago are trying to regain that old form.  So it is fun to watch.

Adam got off fairly early and decided to come out and have dinner and spend the night with us here at the coach.  He goes into work today in the late morning.  We love seeing our kids and I am missing Kelly.  She's in Dallas looking hard for a job in the Interior Design area.  She had one, but the firm was having a tough time and let a few of them go--laid them off.  If any of you out there have some suggestions for her, please let me know.

After dinner Adam was on his computer and Pam and I watched the end of a Robin Hood movie.  The old Errol Flynn/Olivia de Havilland era kind of Robin Hood.  It was great!  Talk about funky costumes!

That was it for us on a soggy Saturday.  Thanks again for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Hi Randy and Pam,
    I watched the Robin Hood movie too but had to listen to Judy complaining that I must have seen it 30 times. A good "classic".

  2. Sure looks like you've got a great camping spot there. I don't like paying for firewood either. Glad to see you got some free. It'll be a great spot for a fire when the weather warms up a bit! I just saw an ad for a brand new Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe. I wonder if it will match up to the old classic version you watched?

  3. I have been informally following your blog and I enjoy it very much, especially the fact that you are Christians. Maybe I will be your #100?

    My blog is and my husband's blog is

  4. We use to take our own firewood on short weekends.

    This is Monday..Did ya'll survive all the bad weather.

    Take care..Cindy and Walker