Thursday, April 1, 2010

Garage Doors and Luan Floors

Been thinking a lot about Meghan in Canada lately.  If you are on Facebook go to:  For the Love of Meghan and send her a some encouragement...
Our leader Joe was a bit late yesterday morning (maybe 30 seconds but enough time for us to shut out the lights and surprise him when he came down the hall and into our dark meeting room.
Joe, Jerry and I went back to Johnnie's place and finished up the garage doors.
They weigh a ton and we were concerned about week hinges.  It took all three of us to get them in place.

But Joe got some good hinges and it swings nicely and Johnnie should be happy.  In fact she is more than that -- very grateful which is nice.  Jerry finished up with some electrical stuff and a piece of trim and we joined the group for lunch.
We went to Shrimp and Stuff which is one of the best fish houses we've been to in Galveston.

Then we went over to Ethel's house and put down luan in one of the bedroom floors.  Doing that sure makes the floor flat and smooth for linoleum (kitchen) or for carpeting.
Kit and Pam tacked it down while Jerry and I cut pieces to fit.

Meanwhile, Paula was caulking and painting another bedroom, Don was hooking up the plumbing for the bathroom sink
and Bill and Joe put down the linoleum in the kitchen.
It goes nicely with the cabinets Bill is working on.
By the time quitting time came, we were ready.  We got a lot done yesterday.

After work, Jerry was a tremendous help in getting our new Blue Ox Braking system set up.
It took a while to check it out and get a feel for how to calibrate it.  I feel pretty good about putting it in place and hooked when we head out tomorrow.

We all decided to pitch in for pizza and have one last meal together.  We got together where our day began -- in our meeting room.
We feel like we need to head to Detroit and bypass Red Bay (Tiffin factory) this time so we are going to leave later today.  We have enjoyed meeting some truly wonderful people here.  We will miss them.  It is amazing how connected you can get some folks in only two or three weeks.  We have made some great friendships here.

It will take us for or five days but we will be going right through Knoxville and get a chance to see Pam's family.

Thanks so much for sharing our journey with us and view the Roadrunner Chronicles today!  Hope your week is going well.


  1. The garage doors came out great and so did the house... Travle safe and enjoy yourselves!

  2. Nice pics, Randy and good work. Have a great trip and travel safely.

  3. yeah these pics are really awesome great post randy i love to know about garage doors.