Friday, April 2, 2010

Galveston Ferry to 84 Degrees

We departed the RV campground at the Island Community Church in Galveston about 8:00 AM.We drove down to the seawall and pulled over to hitch up the Honda.  While we were parked there for a few minutes, I took another shot of Galveston beach and shoreline.
I love Galveston.

Then it was on to the FREE Galveston Ferry!
We had one Rest Stop and a couple of driver changes along the way.
Unfortunately, there was a bit of construction along the way and the double jersey wall thing happened while she was driving.

She did great!  Although it was very narrow--- she did fine.  Especially with me sweating it in the passenger side....

After that, we had a looong day of driving and went over 450 miles to a campground outside of Meridian Tennessee.  It took us about 9 hours driving before we got there.

Pam suggested a KOA.  But I thought it might be more expensive so we got spot at the Woodall 4 star rated Nanabee Creek Campground.
So much for the four stars was not real bad...just bad.  If you were thinking of staying here, I'd recommend not...and probably try the KOA down the road.

We had a pretty good meal of 'TV dinners' tried watching a little TV but the reception was not great and we gave that up.  We went to bed about 9:30 PM and listened to a couple of trains.  Apparently the tracks are nearby.

We will be heading to Knoxville today and will take it easy for a few days.  We have been talking with Adam a little and things are OK so no need to rush up to Detroit like we were going to.

Can't believe Good Friday is already here.

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  1. But the CG looks romantically rustic. Or is it just rundown and ratty?

  2. Good job, Pam, I drive a coach for trailways and I am always asked by the Ladies "how can you drive something this big". I tell them if you can thread a needle you can drive this, it's the same thing on a bigger scale. We loved Galveston too but we haven't been back since the huricanes. Have fun and be safe out there, Sam&Donna.

  3. Great pictures and glad you had a safe trip... That ferry looks so cool where does it go to or from? The campground looked rustic but your coach looks wedged in... Have a safe day!!!

  4. I put my motorhome on a ferry once too. It was so strange to look down on it from above. Our dogs could not ride in it, so they had to ride on deck with us.

    Karen and Steve

  5. Super pictures, especially the one of the beach in Galveston.
    That was a long drive!!! Wow! Glad you made it safely to your destination and hope you enjoy your stay in Knoxville.

    Stay safe and we continue to keep you all in our prayers. Thinking of you all.

    Mike & Gerri (

  6. Great post. Drive safe.
    Hope to go full time one day

  7. We miss you but are happy you are doing well. Take your time and smell the roses. We will catch you two down the road. Thanks for coming into our lives.