Friday, April 23, 2010

Honda and Habitat

I was motivated to finish off the getting our new tires re-calibrated.  I called and made an appointment with Suburban Honda in nearby Novi, Michigan for a front-end alignment.
Suburban Honda is a new dealership and the folks on the phone were nice.  I talked with Julie on the phone to schedule the appointment.  Then, when I brought the car in for service, I spoke with Lindsay who scheduled an alignment and I asked for all four wheels to be done.  I also had them check the rear window wash receptacle to see why we weren't getting any spray back there.
The waiting area was fine and the coffee and muffins were good too.  After about an hour I got the Honda back, all washed and tires aligned!  Julie explained the work that was done and walked me over to the checkout window.  The water reservoir was cracked and broken in the front and was not working in either the front or the back.  I can get that fixed for $231.  I decided to wait on that one.

I got back to the campground and vacuumed out the car and cleaned it.  Later, I searched online and found the nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore location.  It was about the same distance to go to Detroit or Pontiac MI.  We chose the Pontiac location about 30 miles away and we  drove over their to check it out.
They have a pretty big facility with a showroom and large warehouse.  It also has offices for the Pontiac Habitat Staff  and lots of donated home improvement type inventory.  We talked with the volunteer coordinator and decided we want to work at a construction site instead of volunteering in the ReStore.  Looks like they have plenty of folks in the ReStore.  We got the address of the build site and will decide on a day next week to work there.

We also were not far from where Adam works and we met him for a few minutes before his shift started.   He just returned after spending a couple of days across the Canadian border seeing Meghan.
After chatting a few minutes with Adam, we headed back to the campground but not before we found the 'closest' laundromat to us.  It is about 7 or 8 miles away and takes about 15 minutes to get there.  We were hoping to find it a lot cheaper than the $1.75/load which is the price at our campground.  To our surprise--it was the same price.  So we will just do our laundry there at Haas Lake RV park.

We had a very hard time finding a laundromat.  They don't have a lot of them in this part of the country.  I guess apartment complexes all have there own facilities.  It is noteworthy that there just are not many in our area.

We got back to the campground a little after 4:00 and we hung around for a while.  I got a little too comfortable in my recliner and took a quick nap.  Pam fixed a nice dinner and it was still a pretty evening when I decided to sit "in our backyard" on the edge of the lake and contemplate for a while.
We watched a few minutes of the NFL draft.  I was interested to see that Tim Tebow went 25th in the first round.  I thought with all his notoriety he would be going higher.  What do I know?  Pam was thinking he might go until the second round...

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!

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  1. I have a Honda Odyssey, Randy, I sure hope my water reservoir doesn't crack - $237 sure seems like a lot for a piece of plastic! I watched a bit of the draft last night and it seems like it was the year of the really big linemen!!