Saturday, April 12, 2008

Washers, Dryers, Wall Units, Carpets, CDs and DVDs

What does that have to do with anything? Downsizing. All of this is part of the downsizing process. First it was my emotional attachment to my books. Then it was clothes in the closet and which to get rid of.

Pam decided she didn't want to leave her new washer and dryer in the house when we sell it next year. Instead we traded with her sister Joan. Joan and husband Mike live in Tennessee. We packed up the truck and U-Haul and made a delivery of items that need a new home. We also included our king size bed and went back to a smaller queen size bed which is the size in RVs.

We left on a Friday morning and got there in late afternoon. So it was a quick 950 mile road trip over the weekend.

The best thing about it was that we got to visit and spend some time with our wonderful 'relations'.
We took a quick semi-group shot and are missing Jeremy and the kids. Three days and a lot of miles later, we completed those tasks.
On to the next one--new carpet.

Now for the next job....ripping up the old carpet in three bedrooms and the dining room in order to make way for the new. That feat saved us $75 a room so it was well worth it. It was also great to find good looking carpet on sale at Home Depot. Timing helps.
Then there is the ongoing project of converting slides and pictures to CDs and old videos to DVDs. Pam is going a great job with it.

That's all the downsizing we could squeeze in for now.
This reminds us of getting a new assignment and preparing to move. We did plenty of that over the years while in the Air Force. This is a kind of the same only different. Since we can't figure out where we want to got we are planning to move into our home on wheels. And this is part of the fun---going through the transition process.
Until next time...