Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A couple of days at Haas Lake RV Park

We have settled in to our campsite here at Haas Lake RV Park and we are going to like it.  We have plenty of space and can hike or bike on the paths and roads around the 240 acres of the campground.

On Sunday, I went "running".  It was a little cool but I was dressed for it.  When I "run" now I mix it up with intervals of running a few minutes, walking a few minutes, running a few minutes etc.  I used to run a lot but now I only now and then.  I figure every little bit helps and I like getting back into it.  But my joints and muscles at this stage dictate that I take it easy so I can build up my stamina.

After my run, we listened to another Lon Solomon sermon in the 'Roadrunner Chapel'.   Then we went over to IKEA and to Camping World to look for a 4" drop hitch.
After that we went to see our friend Rod in Clinton Township.  His wife Lisa was returning from a weekend with some 'Granny Friends' as she calls them.  We stayed with them a month ago when we were up here for a few days.

Yesterday I got caught up on some bills and made some inquiries online.  Looks like we may be able to volunteer in the area with Habitat for Humanity.  That will be fun.   I also installed the 4" drop hitch we purchased.  I didn't like the way it fit.  Seems like it is not as snug as it should be.  I also pulled out the hoses and washed the Honda.  The campground has dirt roads so it doesn't take long for the car to get dirty.

Later, I talked with the owner here at the campground and we may be able to do some volunteer work for her.  They must have close to 500 picnic tables, many of which need painting.

We went for a drive out to Whole Foods in West Bloomfield and found it to be a very nice store and surrounding area.  We did a little shopping and then drove back to General RV Center in Novi.  I purchased a Blue Ox drop hitch to see if it fits better.  Sure enough, when we got back I installed it and it looks like it is the ticket.  I will return the first one I bought.

It has been cold at night which make a beautiful effect on the water here at the campground.
I got up this morning and walked and took some fog shots.
It looks like it will be another beautiful day here.
Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!  We appreciate all of you.


  1. Nice "fog" pictures! Glad you were able to get the correct drop hitch for your car. Looks like you guys have found a nice area to "sit for a spell."

    Take care and enjoy!

    Mike & Gerri (

  2. You know it probably wouldn't hurt anything to have the Honda's front end aligned, just to make sure you haven't hit something while towing that knocked it out. That seems way too simple, but it would eliminate a variable in your quest to learn about the unusual tire wear.

  3. Such nice pictures this morning! Thanks for sharing--- glad you got the right drop hitch too. I am sure it makes all the difference in the world to have it hooked up right.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Great pics of the fog over the lake, Randy. Sure sounds like you're not having any trouble keeping busy either!