Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Good Roadrunner Day

I usually get up early and do some reading and such.  I always put on a pot of coffee and for now, have been turning on our little but powerful Pelonis ceramic heater.  Then I check emails and see if anyone knows we're out here...or if I have any responses to answer :)  Yesterday I was looking for some free firewood and a few responded to that inquiry.

I also get started on my blog post for the day and maybe check Facebook or read some other favorite bloggers I follow.  Then I load pictures and see what I can use for the day's post.  My assumption is most want to see pictures rather than just read my commentary.  I have read others who mostly write with very few pictures and they write VERY well...  Two come to mind:
Nick Russell whom I have followed for a couple of years on Nick's Blog and also of the Gypsy Journal fame and 
Connie and Tracy of who write Gypsy G'Mas.  (We met these two women at the 2009 RV-Dreams Rally in Kerrville, Texas.)

Yesterday while sitting at my computer near both windows, we saw our little furry friend who lives nearby.
He looks like a 'Ralph' to me, so I will call him Ralph from now on.  We watched some early morning Fox and Friends.  Then Pam got started on the laundry and I decided to give myself a haircut.  A reader asked how I do that:
I get my stuff set up, then start with a #2 on my beard, then switch to a #8, then a #5 and #4 a few places, shake out the loose clipping and 20 minutes later I'm done!

I got the clothes lines set up first for Pam and as I was washing the Roadrunner, she hung the clothes out.
They dried for a couple of hours and I think this washing and drying clothes this way is going to work out fine.

Then I started washing the RV - I connected my three hoses and attached the spray valve before I dragged it up onto the top of the roof.
Then I filled the water bucket and put in some soap and scrubbed away.
It sure was dirty. I made my way around the back and sides and finished off the front area.  That took me about 90 minutes and I put a squeegee on the front windshield.  I'll have to do the rest of the windows.  It is supposed to rain the next few days so I'll do the rest of the windows after it quits and think about shining up the Roadrunner with The Solution - my cleaner of choice.

We stopped by the office here at Haas Lake RV campground to talk with Ruth about painting some picnic tables and volunteering.  She said the painting wasn't going to work out because of liability issues with non-employees.  But she did offer to let us help them put together their spring mailing of 7,000 postcards.  We signed up to help on Monday.

The rest of next week is shaping up:   On Tuesday, we secured positions volunteering with Habitat for Humanity - Oakland County and will be looking forward to working at the construction site all day. On Wednesday, Adam is off and he'll be at Meghan's again.  We may go see here for a couple of hours - we'll see.  On Thursday, we have doctors appointments to check out a few things.

We made a trip to the Wal-Mart nearby for some vegetable seeds and also got a couple of brackets for hanging a water hose in the tank bay.  We also found a Red Box movie dispenser and picked up 'The Informant'.
Then we cooked chicken on the grill and watched the movie.  It was not as good as we hoped although I really like Matt Damon.

That was our Roadrunner day -- thanks for viewing!  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Thank You for the haircut lesson. I just paid $ 14.00 for a number 1 buzz cut at the Elmendorf BX. I shook hands with my co-worker who was laid off yesterday due to lack of work. I will the next if they lay off any more workers. A cheap haircut would be nice. I will try it next time if I can find good shears I can afford. Try not to get any paper cuts on those cards, I am sure the painting in the sun would have been more fun. If you want to spend a few hours playing with little girls about 2 to 5, let me know and you could meet my family.
    Keep on posting.

  2. Randy,
    I have been following your blog for over a year, and commend you & Pam for all your volunteer work.

    My wife & I are going to join the fulltiming ranks in July. We are in the process of getting rid of 30+ years of stuff.

    I have a couple of questions on which hoses you use for different tasks. I noticed that you were using a white hose to wash the rig. I suppose that you have another hose that you use to clean the black tank. So do you use the white hose for general tasks & the other hose for only the black tank??

    Also, What type of ladder do you use to get on your roof??

    I feel for Adam & Meghan. They are both in our prayers.

    Bob Gilmore

  3. Bob - yes the white hoses are for the clear water and the gray hose is for the black tank.

    I bought a 4-way fold 8'? ladder at Camping World. It folds into a very small 4" x 4" x 8' space in my basement. I carried a regular folding step ladder but it took up too much room and was very cumbersome.

    I know many people who hang ladders off their back of the RV and attach them to the RV roof ladder but I was counseled early on not to do that..

    Thanks for your prayers, they need them