Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday in Parry Sound

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Pam and I went into Parry Sound to mail some things to Adam while Kelly was finishing up her beauty sleep.  Parry Sound is a great little tourist town.  It is not too big but seems to have everything.  It has the special small town, well manicured, type of look-and-feel that makes it inviting ~ like a place you'd like to visit.

Parry Sound is on the eastern shore of the Georgian Bay about 145 miles north of Toronto.  It has almost 6,000 residents and is popular spot for South Ontario visitors.  It is also home to the worlds deepest natural freshwater port.

Near the Post Office we spotted a craft and farmer's market and went back to the Roadrunner to get Kelly.  While we were at it, we had lunch and returned to the city park.  Adjacent to the park is the old firestation

and the public library.
I stopped an talked with Wendel Messer who is an author.  His book The Conquest of Canada caught my eye and we talked.  He agreed to a picture and I said I'd mention him on the Roadrunner Chronicles.
I thought there were quite a few booths for a middle of the week event.  After that we walked around town for a while and checked out a few stores.

I noticed there is a Don Cherry Sports Bar in town.  I don't know that much about Canadian hockey but I recognized him as commentator during the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Then we went down to the boat docks and marina
The Island Queen was just leaving port for an afternoon cruise around Parry Island.

We also stopped in the office of the Georgian Bay Airways which has an adjacent gift and ice cream shop.   While we were there, one of the planes taxied out into the harbor and took off.

Later, we grilled fish for dinner, ate outside on the picnic table and had tea while we sat around and enjoyed the evening.  It was an interesting day in Parry Sound and we are liking our stay here.

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  1. I've been reading for quite a while just thought I had already registered as a follower.

    I would have liked to stay at Parry Sound longer but we could only get 2 nights at the KOA and it was the only CG in the area that would fit our rig. We found there aren't many CG on Georgian Bay. We were told that the area is trying to get rid of CG due to all the sewage they produce. Then I look in the harbour at all the boats - do they not produce sewage? Methinks it's more for condo development to produce tax dollars!

  2. We just GOTTA get our butts up to Ontario!! I'm writing this stuff down for future reference...There are soooo many places to see and not enough time!!!