Friday, July 30, 2010

10 Steps to Adding the LinkWithin Blog Gadget

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Now...... for today's post I thought I'd give a tutorial so let me know if:
I can explain how to add a gadget to your blog.  

A couple of days ago Judy asked:
  • How do you chose 'You might also like' posts?
  • Do you actually have any way of knowing if people click on them?
  • Is that another one of those gadgets that you mentioned?
The answers are:
  • I don't chose them, the software in the gadget does it.
  • No way to find out who clicks on those as far as I know.  (Anyone else know how to check?)
  • Yes
See if I got the steps correct to add the gadget  (also called 'widget') to your blog.  Here we go:

1.  Find the gadget 'LinkWithin' at the bottom of the post and Click on it

2. The LinkWithin page comes up.  Go to the right side of the page and fill in
         - email
         - your blog web address
         - the blog platform you are using
         - how many icons(stories) you want at the bottom of your post (3 stories, 4 stories or 5 stories)
         - check the box if you have a dark background color for your blog

3.  The LinkWithin page come up.  Click on Edit Contents

Then Click where is says, 'Add Widget'

5. This Add Page Element view comes up.  Make sure the correct blog is listed in the 'Select a Blog' box.  I have selected my test blog here.
- copy the HTML code that is in the Edit Content box
6. While that is going on, open another tab and go to your design template dashboard page on blogger:
- Find the 'Add a Gadget' area at the bottom portion of the template and Click on it

7.  Find the HTML/Javascript line and Click on the +(add sign) 

8.  The next box that pops up is where you add the HTML code that you copied in step 3.
- Type in 'LinkWithin' in the Title box and
- Paste the HTML code in the Content box below.
- Make sure to click on Save

9.  If it works, you should see this page:

10.  If you go to View Blog, it will show up below your last post.
The only words I have in my post here 'test test test'.  This shows that it is successful.  If I add pictures, those will show up under the 'You might also like' section.

If you don't have the LinkWithin gadget on your blog ~ give it a try!
If you run into problems or have suggestions drop me a note or comment.  or......
go to the LinkWithin support site by clicking here.  I contacted them months ago when I added the gadget and they fixed my problem quickly.

That wraps it up for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  


  1. Thanks for the step by step instructions. I have been thinking of adding LinkWithin to our blog just one of those things I haven't taken the time to do.

    Have a great day:)

  2. Thanks for answering my questions. Right now, ten steps is about six steps more than my memory banks can hold. :) Once I get my new printer figured out, then maybe I can print off your directions so I have them in front of me. I want to do the same thing with some of the directions that Rick has posted. I'm no computer whiz, so I need a hard copy in front of me. :)

  3. Thanks for the very nice tutorial Randy. It was simple, clear and concise especially with the yellow arrow illustrations.

    I used to have LinkWithin on my blog some time ago and somehow, or for some reason, I must have deleted the gadget. I'll have to take another look at it.

  4. woo hoo..another 'go to guy'..yippee..thanks for the tutorial..will put this one in my memory bank!!!..have a great day !!!

  5. Randy, thank you for the tutorial about LinkWithin and Gadget. I always wondered how you and others displayed those links at the bottom of each blog post. Now I know!

  6. I've had one on my cooking blog for a couple of years, but just now realized I don't have one on Wanderlust. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Great post, Randy. Seems simple for you and Rick. :) Do you make house calls?