Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday in Tobermory

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I met Bill at the golf course at 7:30.  It is right across from the Tobermory Village Campground where we are staying.  It was a little overcast with some rain in the distance but we decided to take our chances.  We had a good 9 holes and made the turn.  I knew something was up when I heard a lady at the clubhouse say, "What do those guys know that we don't? The radar say rain is heading this way".
We got to the 12th hole before the rain started coming down steadily.  We were not playing that well so we decided to walk in and see if we could get a rain check.  The manager didn't give us a rain check but he did say we could come back later in the day and finish the back nine.  

So we went back to the cottage.  Adam was up and decided to go over to the 'grotto' and go for a swim.  Pam was doing the laundry and cooking the beef stew for dinner.  Kelly and I decided to go to Tobermory, check on the glass bottom boat rides, go to the bank and also see if we could find a good internet connection at the library.

Along the way, we checked out the Coffee Shop and ended up outside of the Sweetshop.  We could get a connection using their internet or the one from the library.  It was slow, but still worked fine.

After about an hour online, we went to the bookstore and walked around the harbor.
There are some pretty nice boats docked.
Interesting way to do it.  A yacht with a smaller craft for getting around town.
Kind of like an RV with with a toad.  You can see another one off the back of the boat in the background with a similar craft hanging off the back.

We went back to the cottage and had dinner with everyone at Marg and Bill's.  Then Bill and I returned to the golf course and finished our round.  We played even worse but ~ we were out in the beautiful evening and we did hit a decent shot now and then...so all in all we enjoyed it.

Bill dropped me off at the RV campground and Pam and Kelly were already there.  I jumped online again with my work laptop and got some more hours in while the Home Run Derby was on TV.

It was a bit of a late night but an enjoyable one.  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. The boaters call their toads, "dingy's." Just like having a big RV parked somewhere, it's much easier to use the dingy, and also it will go in shallower waters.

  2. Glad to see you both finished your round of golf! Tobermory looks like a neat little town too. Nice looking yachts too!

  3. Have been to Tobermory many times over the years & it is truly a unique place. Kelly & I did the glass bottom boat tour out to Flowerpot Island one time & enjoyed that. Arrived early at the harbor another time & helped a couple friends sail their boat down to Wiarton for winter storage. Scenic area & beautiful clear water with some of the greatest depths in the Great Lakes system. Hop aboard the Chi Cheemaun for a trip over to Manitoulin. The large Island is a place of lore, legends, peace, & serenity:))

  4. Just wanted to stay I like your new header and it loads faster.

  5. I second Al's suggestion for Manitoulin... we went there and it was very nice. Great views and wonderful scenery.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard