Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On The Trails

Yesterday I was determined to hit the trails.  I don't like it to skip days running and wanted to get back to it.  About mid morning I went for a run on the trail near our Parry Sound KOA campground.  A portion of the trail is on the Seguin Trail.  In the summer time the trail is mostly used for ATVs, trail bikes, hikers and runners.  In the winter time, it is a trail for snow mobilers.

Our neighbors hit the trail before I did.  
I didn't know they made trail bikes for tikes...

We continue to have wifi problems at the campground and the owner was at it early to see if he could improve things.
Pretty scary ladder.  And sadly, after about 8:00 AM yesterday no one could get back on the network for more than 2 or 3 minutes.  Frustrating.

Since I don't carry a camera when I run, I didn't take any photos.  But it was a beautiful day for a run.  There were no clouds for the most part and not real hot.  So it made for a great run.  I am feeling like I am able to go a little longer each time and hopefully will be able to continue without injury.  That has been my issue since I hit 'middle age'.  

Pam did some laundry, we all ate lunch and then left for downtown Parry Sound.  We started at the Stockey Centre where the Rotary - Algonquian Fitness Trail runs adjacent to it.

Pam, Kelly and Ed started in one direction and I went in the other.  The Bike Trail goes along the Rotary - Algonquian Trail for a few hundred yards 
across the Seguin River, then takes a sharp uphill turn.  I went back behind the city hospital and through some neighborhoods.    It was a nice ride for as long as it lasted.
The plan was to go on the trail for an hour and meet back up with Pam and Kelly in an hour.  I miscalculated on my map and turned back a little early.  I went back by the car which was parked near the water and didn't see Pam or Kelly so I went up the trail to meet them.  I did see some sail boats in the harbor.

They were only 50 yards away.  They turned back early too.  Ed (at 77 dog years) had enough walking so he wandered over to some shade and sat down.  He let them know he was done and that was the end of that.  When he was ready, they made their way back to the car.  So we both ended up nearby about the same time.

We returned for the campground and had a quiet evening.  That was about it for the Roadrunner Chronicles yesterday.  Thanks for viewing!


  1. That whole area looks so nice to be in the summertime. Nice photos of the lake. It must be a 100% contrast in the winter when the lake freezes and it's covered with snow - guess we'll never see that from a camping perspective though!

  2. What a beautiful area you are visiting! Great pictures. It is wonderful that your daughter is getting to spend some time with you.

    I really enjoy reading your posts!

    Kerri in AL :-)

  3. Dennis and I walk 2 miles a day..If I ran, I would have to wear Depends, plus have the ambulance following me.

  4. Sounds like you had a really great day. Hope the jogging is getting to where you want it to.
    I am glad Kelly is able to spend some time with you, I know you and Pam are enjoying it.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri

  5. Nice work keeping up with your running. I'm trying hard to make it a habit...not happening so far, but I'm not giving up! How many miles are you up to?

  6. Sorry about the WiFi problems. The beautiful scenery at your RV park could be considered a trade-off. Just wondering. Hope you can stay connected now! Enjoy time with your beautiful daughter.