Saturday, July 17, 2010

Golf, Bakery and More Golf

The last couple of days we have been watching or playing golf and spending time with the Bakers at their cottage.

On Thursday it was an early day since the British Open Golf Championship was on at 4:00 AM.  I got up at my usual 5:00 AM ish and was surprised as anyone to see John Daly at the top of the leaderboard.  By the end of the day it was great to see the record setting 63 by up and comer Rory McIlroy from Scotland.

We went out to the cottage in the late afternoon and stopped at a bakery along the way.
The local shop had some good looking cinnamon cookies and an apple pie we couldn't resist.  It was a rainy, drizzly day for the most part and we remembered Meghan on what would have been her 29th birthday...

Bill got back from Petrolia and we called another golf course for a tee time on Saturday morning.
Then, he was at the campground promptly at 7:00 AM and we drove to Wiarton Golf Course about 40 miles away.
It was a nice course and priced right.  We teed off without any trouble and made our way around the front nine in about 90 minutes.
Then we got caught in a backup at the turn for the second nine and is was slow going rest of the way.  But the scenery was nice, we hit a few good shots, had a couple birdies.  I was pleased with my 79 but have to temper that with the fact that it is a really short course.
The course is on the side of a mountain and the scenery up from the Georgian Bay was beautiful.

Meanwhile, Pam and Kelly went in to Tobermory, picked up some postcards and some bread and we all met back at the cottage for dinner.  Marg fixed a fantastic meal of fried bass the her brother Chuck had caught and we topped it off with Yellow Label tea and apple pie.

Then we play three games of Skit/Skat.  I was happy to take the first two and Marg took the last.  We don't play cards that much but always have fun when we do.  We usually have some good laughs and we had everyone around the table.

Then it was back to the campground where we found a lot of new neighbors.  The place really fills up during the weekends but all were very well mannered and no issues.  I love the 'no outside music' rule!  We have lots of tent campers here with only about 10 RVs.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles today!  Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Another great day in a beautiful looking area. It was nice of the weather to clear up for your golf too. Those bakery shots sure looked good!!

  2. So glad you are enjoying your time at the cottage with Meghan's parents. Such a beautiful place.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. My knowledge of golf is zero. I DO remember driving the golf cart for Dennis and my Dad about 40 years ago. I was 2 weeks over due with our first born....Thought maybe I could "shake " him out. Other than that...a few bogies by the Gorilla/ jungle hole at the Goofy Mini Golf Course many years ago is the extent of it.
    Card games..another thing I don't excel at..I only know War, Old Maid and Go Fish...How is it I can camp and never do these things???
    Scenery looked great!!!!

  4. Not much for golf for us either, but the bakery looked wonderful! Fresh fish dinner and apple pie sounds good too! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard