Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting Ready

We spend a good part of the day getting ready to break camp and head north on Friday AM.  That meant cleaning things and packing up.

The biggest job I tackled all day was to wash our Honda, Kelly's Solara, and Adam's Pathfinder.  I also put a coat of The Solution on them so they are cleaned up and ready to go.
We will tow the Honda; Kelly will leave her car in near Detroit with Rod and Lisa; and Adam will drive the Pathfinder.  

I was finished with the hoses so I separated them, wound them tightly and repacked them in the crate and stowed them back in the basement.
It was pretty convenient to have them hanging on the post for the last three months right next to the water spigot.

The grill needed a good scrub before I put it away so I did that too.
I am anxious to see how our new bike rack works.  I hope they get more protection since they are right near the back of the roadrunner now.
I mounted them and put the protective bike bag over them, and then checked the other basement compartments to see if I had most everything put away snugly.
I am getting there...
Next, we had dinner outside by the campfire and topped it off with smorz.
It was another beautiful evening on the lake.

That wrapped it up for us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks again for viewing!

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  1. You really deserved some smorzes after all that hard work you did!