Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 Things I Like About a Campground

We were counting the other day and we have stayed in something like 50 campgrounds since we got the Roadrunner in May 2009.  On my run yesterday I was thinking about things that make for a good campground or camping spot.

Here are 10 in no particular order:

  1. Full hookups.  Or a free tank pumping service at the campground like we have here at the Parry Sound KOA.  It is usually inconvenient to have to unhook and drive over to the dump station at the campground but we have done that a few times.  
  2. Friendly, helpful camp hosts and registration people.  It is so nice to get started on the right foot at a place with people that are glad you chose their campground. 
  3. Scenic locations.  We have stayed at a few places that have the 'it' factor but most fall into the 'average category'.  It is nice to run across some beautiful places and we usually do.
  4. Good wifi and/or internet connection.  For the most part, campground wifi is not great.  Most of the time it is slow.  I think in a couple of years that may change as technology improves.  My Autonet system works great in the States but not here this far north in Canada.
  5. Low price.  We look for places that are under $25/night.  It obviously helps to stay a week, month or longer because the rates are lower.  There are plenty of campgrounds that have those kind of rates and one can usually save 10% or more by having a camp club membership of some sort like Escapees, Good Sam, Family Motor Coach Association, etc.
  6. Space at the campsite.  Ten or twelve feet between sites is nice 25 feet or more is better.
  7. No outside music.  Last year was the first time we heard this rule and we love it.  
  8. People who pick up after their dogs.  
  9. Well maintained campgrounds.  I love to see the mower out at least once a week.  And showers and laundry rooms that are clean.  And buildings and signs that have a fresh coat of paint.   
  10. Quiet neighbors.  Again, we usually have good neighbors but now and then you don't and appreciate the many times you did.
  11. Level campsites.  Even though we have HWH automatic leveling jacks, if the angle is more that 4" difference in a corner, it can lift a wheel off the ground which we don't like.
  12. Easy entrance/exit at the campground and campsite.  We have had our share of iffy turns and maneuvers to get into and out of places.  We prefer the pullthroughs or campsites that have a lot of room to turn.  A couple of times we have had to ask people to move their vehicle for a few minutes to get into or out of a site.
How about you?  What are some of the things you look for in a campground?

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  1. Great list Randy, I agree with every point you've made! I took a few minutes to try and think of what I could add to it but nothing popped into my head right away so I think you've got the 'biggies' covered pretty well.

    Mentioning your Follower's milestone is just fun and I don't see anything at all wrong with that.

  2. Yes! All good points! It helps me as I work at a campground, too. I know what the majority of campers want since I am one!

  3. We look for all of the things that you listed. We also look for dog friendly campgrounds. Some of them have fenced in dog parks so the dogs can run around leash free.

  4. great list Randy..and I would add also about the pet friendly policy..and a leash free area would be fabulous!!..congrats on getting to 150 almost..I am at 24 and pretty darn happy with that!!!
    have a great day!!!

  5. No riding ATVs or dirt bikes in the campground. We really like it when that rule is in place, so that the ATVers either leave the campground to go unload elsewhere, or they don't come at all. As I get older and more crotchety I like peace and quiet. I agree with you that the rule about no outside music is nice. Space between sites is a must - I really hate parking lot-type camping - though I think when I retire and our income is a lot less than what it is now, we'll take what we can get!

  6. I have an idea for you to get more followers...When I follow other people's blogs, then the rule of reciprocity usually takes effect. Not always, but usually! Just a thought :) Hey...maybe you can start by following mine! hehe!


  7. Your list is very complete, Randy. Here's your list in my order of preference and with a few tweaks:

    1. Full hookups (with 50 amp)
    2. Easy access to/from
    campground and campsite
    3. Level campsite
    4. Good wifi and/or cell service
    5. Quiet neighbors/No outside
    music (or TV)
    6. Friendly hosts/registration
    7. Scenic location
    8. Spacious sites
    9. Well-maintained
    10. Low price (not as important to me if all the above items are met. Also not as important to me since we aren't full-timers.)

  8. Great list! This could be included with your #2. Registration office open after 1 or 2pm. It's difficult to check in at 3 or 4 with the office closed and no note indicating a space # for the camper that made reservations ahead of arrival.

  9. I sure like it when the campgrounds we stay at have a laundry onsite. Not only is it convenient, but a laundry is a great place to find "blog" know, stuff to write about. You meet some very unique people in a laundry.
    A tornado siren would be another helpful item at a campground...if only!!!

  10. My wife is all over the laundry! She will go check it out first thing after we are level and the slides are out. If its dirty, the whole place is a dirty dump as far as she is concerned.
    We will never spend the second night, unless we just have no where else to go.
    Tonight we don't have a laundry since we are in a small city park. But that's ok because we only paid $15. So the laundry is big big big on our list, LOL

  11. We really like it if the camp ground has a nice pool or lake, especially in the summer. And, probably our most favorite feature would be to have a river to canoe nearby.