Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Planes, Bikes and Boats

Yesterday I had Pam at the Flint Bishop International Airport at 5:00AM for a 6:00 AM flight to Dallas.
She got there in plenty of time, had a brief layover in Chicago and got to DFW about 9:30 AM.   She is driving back up here to Michigan with Kelly and Ed (her dog).

I got back to the Roadrunner, had breakfast, went for a good run before I finished the wax job on the Roadrunner.
It is supposed to get 'Step 2' but it isn't going to happen in this heat...

After lunch I found a nearby bike trail 'Hudson Valley Trail' and went for a one of the longer rides I have had in a while.  I think I went about 12 miles and found another trail 'South Lyon Trail Head'.
I came back in time to heat up some 'chili mac' for dinner and ate on the banks of the lake.  I built a fire and sat in the shade and made some phone calls.

Pam and Kelly almost made it to Nashville last night before the checked into a motel.  They should be here tonite.

Before the sun went down, the boats were out on the lake.  I haven't seen so many here in the water at one time.
It was a bit warm so a boat ride was appealing.
I read some before I turned in and called it a night.  That was it for yesterday on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for viewing!


  1. Glad Pam arrived safely on her flight to Texas and is on her way back as I write this.
    Sounds like you had a fun day on your bike trail and then what a great end to the day....sitting by the bank of the lake watching the boats and eating your "chili mac." LIG

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Glad you got to rest some in the evening after a pretty energetic day! Thanks for posting all those great pics, too.