Friday, July 2, 2010

Alan Colmes and the Toronto Star: For The Love Of Meghan

We got an email from Adam two nights ago saying he was going to be on Alan Colmes' internet webcast program. Who knew Alan Colmes had such a program?

His program is called~ "strategyroom - the Alan Colmes Project" and it is more than news and politics.  Apparently he had read about Meghan and Adam and was interested in finding out more.  So at 1 PM yesterday, we all logged on an waited.  Sure enough ~ there they were...
You can see a video clip of the interview by clicking on the link at the center of the page.  Be warned, it takes a few minutes to load.  But it is worth it.
For the Love of Meghan

Alan is quite the pro and did a great job of leading the conversation and bringing out the main events of Meghan's life with cancer the last two years.  He also asked how they met, why he stayed with Meghan during her illness, why he moved to Michigan, what Meghan's list of goals were, how long Adam was going to be working on the 'list', how he was going to pay for trips and how far he has gotten on the list.

Next weekend which would have been their wedding ceremony for friends and guest at Meghan's grandmother's cottage in Tobermory, Canada.  There will still be an event at that time but nothing formal.  We will all be there for a gathering and time of remembrance.  In August, Adam will take a train ride across Canada.  Meghan and Adam had planned the trip for their honeymoon.  In September he will go to India and teach for three months at the Merasi School which is partnered with a non-profit out of Manhattan.  While Adam was in NYC a few weeks ago, he met with the founder of Folk Arts Rajasthan to talk about volunteering at the Merasi School.

Alan was very well prepared and knew of Meghan's blog:  The Bee's Knees and her story and her goals.   I have new found respect for Alan and am grateful to him and his staff for devoting significant time on his show for Adam to talk about his plans and to share more about Meghan.

Later, I spoke with a friend who called and told me about how much she appreciated Meghan though she never met her.  She felt as if she 'knew' Meghan because of her blog.  Breast cancer killed my friend's mother years ago and she wonders if she will have cnacer one day.  Some of her own thoughts go to:  how she would deal with it?  --the chemo, or radiation or God forbid breast surgery/mastectomy?  She said after reading how Meghan handled it, she has new confidence and is far less anxious about her future.

Later, after the interview, Adam forwarded me a letter from a man from India who saw the article  about Meghan on the front page of the Toronto Star.  Her story impacted him and his friend.  Read what they had to say:

This is incredible to say the least.

Hopefully, their story will be an encouragement and inspiration to others.  Their story (together and individually) needs to be retold.  Maybe others can be helped by the way Meghan handled her initial diagnosis, her rediagnosis and how Adam has dealt with losing her, how he has been motivated to move on with out her.  A lot of other people saw the article on the Star and went to her blog with comments of their own.  

We will be sharing the Bee's Knees with our friends.  Just last week we found out a good friend from 25 years ago has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Maybe there is something there that can help her somehow.  I hope so.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian friends and happy 4th of July to all ~ be safe!


  1. Adam did a great job with Alan Colmes during that interview. It's amazing, and gratifying, to see how this story continues to grow and get attention from so many different viewpoints. Good job!!

  2. Adam was amazing with Alan awesome was that and what a GREAT plug for the work Adam is doing for Meghan. The letter was touching. We wish Adam God speed in what he is doing and our prayers remain with him. I know you all are so proud.
    Happy 4th of July to you all....enjoy!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. It was quite unexpected, no lump, caught on a mammogram. It was very small and after surgery and radiation they said it was gone. The expectation of a reoccurrence is always there.

    It is so sad when it happens to a young woman. She had so much to give and live for.

  4. Adam is a very good public speaker, he was eloquent and intelligent.
    I still believe Meghan is an inspiration to anyone that reads her blog or knows her story and to carry this legacy on is honorable for Adam.
    God speed.
    I will be watching his travels and reading the blog.
    What an inspiring story of love.

  5. This was a beautiful post Randy and one that gives me optimism and hope for dealing with the grief of losing her. I know that Meg's life and death teaches me things everyday and I also know that we are better people for having her in our lives. I'm sure you are amazingly proud of your son :) xxxx