Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bike Hike Parry Sound Style

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Kelly joined me yesterday on another bike hike through Parry Sound.
Pam didn't go but gave us a good send off
We started out from the Parry Sound boat docks and marina and made our way onto a portion of the Rotary and Algonquin Fitness Trail.  Then we circled around to the top of Tower Hill and then wound down to the road near the town hospital and across Bowes St.  We went up into more residential neighborhoods before going along River Road.  We stopped on the Cascade Street Bridge over the Seguin River and took some pictures.

We rode up Williams Street along the river past the Hillcrest Cemetery and stopped for a snack and some water at the William Street Park.
From there we went along the sometimes busy Parry Sound Drive to the Parry Sound Mall and down to the Salt Dock Road area where we picked up the Fitness Trail again.
Along the Sound we rode past the Waubano Park which is the town beach and park on the Georgian Bay.  It was near this location that the steamer went down in 1879 on a trip from Collingswood, Ontario to Parry Sound.  All 30 on board perished. The anchor from the ship commemorates the loss.
We took another stop and enjoyed the beautiful day.  The Civic Day/Provincial long holiday weekend had not quite started yet so there was still plenty of room on the beach.
We picked up the Fitness Trail again and rode over to the boat docks.  

There were a couple of old ships and new boats in the harbor.
The route (Tour 3) is listed as a 15.9 km.  We decided not to do the portion that winds through the downtown area and probably went about 13 or 14 km which was a good ride.

Pam, who had gone to the grocery store while we were on our ride, met us at the harbor.  We loaded up and drove through town one last time.  We tried a different way and came across the Bobby Orr community center.  It is in various stages of remodeling.  Apparently they switched general contractors in May and the current one agrees to finish on time for the start of the 2010 hockey season.  A must for these townfolks!
That was the highlight of the day for us.  We returned to the KOA where we have spent the last 11 days and went swimming.  Next we did some packing up and had another dinner at the campsite picnic table. We love eating like this.  Reminds me of all the dinners we had outside at our 'sticks and bricks' place in Fairfax.  

It was another great summer day in Parry Sound.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for taking us on another great tour of Parry Sound. We'll be sure to visit there if we ever get out that way!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! That area is beautiful - great pictures.

    Kerri in AL :-)

  3. I love a bike ride...However, I have an "old lady" bike..No gears, brakes on the pedals and a big butt seat..Dennis has a mountain bike that used to be our daughter's. When we ride together, he looks very hip and cool, and I look like an escapee from an old person's home! Again...thanks for the tour...Loved it!!

  4. wow..that was a 'wheely big bike ride'..thanks for the great tour..the photos are great!!..glad you are enjoying your stay in Canada!!

  5. What a great day. I am glad you could enjoy it with Kelly.