Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not so busy Friday

It rained all day yesterday so we didn't feel like doing much.  Mostly we read and read and read.
A little after 9:00 AM, Don came over and dumped our tanks.  What a great service!
Don is the owner of the KOA here in Parry Sound and he didn't think the 'free' service was a big deal.  He said, "We can't have campsites with full hookups, so just sign up when you need your tanks dumped and we will come around and do it."
I like the idea and especially like the fact that he doesn't charge extra for it.  The prices here are among he highest we have paid anywhere, so it is nice that dumping isn't an added charge.  Don has been the owner for seven years and he said it has been interesting.  Seems like a hard way to make a living.  It's one thing to be a workamper, quite another being the owner.  Right now he said he was dealing with kids plugging toilets with reems of toilet paper....

About mid afternoon, the drizzly rain let up and Pam and I drove over to the truck stop/fast food/information center.
It had Lick's Hamburgers, DQ and Tim Horton's.  
And we found our information center.
We were looking for some ideas on how to spend a few days in Toronto next month.  No luck on that one, but the lady said maybe we'd find something in Northbay.  We will be near there next weekend.

After dinner of chicken and dumplings, we went into town to check out the Canadian Tire store.  It is a little like a Wal-Mart.  This one had a lot of camping gear which we checked out.  Next it was over to McDonald's for some ice cream.  And then downtown to see what was happening at the harbor on a Friday nite.  Not much...

So we returned to the Roadrunner and prepared for tomorrow.  Saturday is 'Christmas in July' at the campground here.  We got our decorations out and will put them up on Saturday morning.

That was it for us on a slow Friday.  Hope your weekend is a great one.  And thanks for viewing ~ and thanks in advance to you future Followers!


  1. Getting your tanks emptied on site is a pretty good deal, especially when it's included in the rent! Hope the rain stops!

  2. Toronto is a most wonderful city to visit. They have the best science museum in the world. It is a must see for people around the world who visit. China town is great and a fun place to spend time and eat very good cheap food. The people are very nice also. I hope to get back there before I die. Getting your tanks sucked appears a little 3rd world, kinda like bush Alaska.
    Thanks for staying on the road and posting your travels.

  3. Randy,
    Hi! Looks the Parry Sound ride was great. I'm going to try some kayaking on the Ocquacan river later today. Did you hear Sam Lane retired this month?

    Take care, Marti