Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Sunday in Tobermory

The Tobermory Village Campground has been home for the last 10 days.  It is a nice place to stay with some wonderful sights.  The owners have a Belgian which they ride daily and hitch up for wagon rides through the campground weather permitting.
Last year when we were here, I remembered going to a flea market along the side of the road near Wiarton.  I thought it was closer but, it is actually 43 miles away.  

We left about 9:00 AM and found it.  It didn't seem to be as busy as last year, but then the whole peninsula seems to be suffering from the effects of a down economy.  At least that is what the shop keepers were saying in Tobermory.
Pam and Kelly headed for the craft and pottery store.
I went over to the area where the books were.
Like any book seller, he knew exactly where different authors were located and he showed me the section where I could look over Canadian history and historical novels.  Among my finds was The National Dream - The Great Railroad 1871-1881 by Pierre Berton.

Across the isle, a man with his knives was sharpening one for a potential customer.
Outside the covered area there were more tables.  It was drizzly and rained slightly but they stayed at it hoping for a sale.
In the parking lot I saw a man wearing a bike jersey of my alma mater:  Arizona State University.  That was unusual! I spoke with him for a few moments and he agreed to a picture.  His daughter was a teacher and had gotten her credential at ASU before returning to Canada.  He was an a bike trip from Labrador to Vancouver and still had a long way to go!
We went back to the cottage in time to catch Bill before he left for Petrolia and another week of work.  After that we went back to the Roadrunner, got things packed up and put away for our departure.  I went for a good run and we watched the finish of the British Open.  Then we and went back over to the cottage to have dinner with Marg and her mother.

I grilled a pork tenderloin and flank steak to go along with the green beans and baked potatoes.  We also had some of Pam's legendary potato salad.  After topping it off with maple cookies and ice cream we were stuffed!

We said our goodbyes and returned to the Roadrunner.  It has been a nice time here in Tobermory and we will likely be back.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Pierre Burton's, 'The National Dream' was a totally excellent televisions series that played out masterfully in 1 or 2 hours segments On Sunday nights back in the late 70's or early 80's. I was glued to the TV screen for months on end watching that educational docudrama.
    Glad you enjoyed your time in Tobermory. Great place"))

  2. Thanks for taking us with you to Tobermory. It looked like a fabulous place to be for 10 days...Hope you don't mind if we ride along to your next cook some great stuff!!!