Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Birthday!

It's been almost three weeks since Harrison arrived to join big brother Brooks.  Since that time, Brooks has found plenty to do including one of his favorite pastimes:
playing the mud puddles in the back yard while wearing his blue Croc boots.

Interestingly enough - his second birthday was last week.  He stretched it out with a little celebration mid week on his actual birthday when he opened some presents and had a birthday cupcake.
I don't know which he enjoyed more.  Blowing out the candle again and again, or eating the frosting off his cupcake.  He had a good time with both of them though.

On Friday he went to school (for 3 hours) and was given a nice prize to commemorate his big day.
 He proudly wore it home from school and then put it on a couple of times during the weekend.
If you had a hat that cool wouldn't you?

On Saturday morning it was such a nice day that he played in the front yard on mom Kelly brought out his lunch for him to eat on the front steps.
He has his own way of doing certain things which is always fun to watch.  He took the one peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on a plate that was cut in half and he carefully separated it.
He then had four pieces he carefully set on the steps behind him and then began to eat the jelly off each side before he eventually devoured them all.

Brooks had already finished his lunch but he helped supervise serving some beef sandwiches on the back deck.
 Later in the day after afternoon naps, Kelly filled up some party balloons and Brooks waited for his buddies to show up.
They did and had a good time.  Here Brooks is determined to go up his slide from the bottoms.  The heart was willing but the new Crocs were to slippery.  But he still tried 7-8 times before he went around and climbed up the back way.
 And the boys also checked out the new basketball goal that was set up on the deck.
And Jon (with Heath's help) was grill some of what is becoming his legendary meat recipes.  Saturdays mouth watering treat:  beef tips.

Everyone had a good weekend and Brooks is getting used to having his little brother.  We are enjoying it all!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

Monday, February 6, 2017

This is What We Are Here For!

A while back Kelly and Jon told us there were pregnant with our second grandchild.  We decided that if there was any way possible, we would be there to help out.  And that's what happened.

Almost a week ago, Harrison Warner Goldman joined us!

Kelly was notified the previous week that the doctor would be inducing her on Tuesday morning.  So Pam and I came over and planned on staying a couple of nights with Brooks.
It was quite different than almost two years ago when Brooks came along.  This time Kelly and Jon handled it all like pros.  Very excited and like they had done this before...

So off they went and we waited for updates.  We even picked hours of the day when we expected the baby to be born.  It seemed to go pretty slowly until the mid afternoon, then before we knew it, Harrison was born at 3:52 PM.  Healthy and about as precious as he could be.

We were able to go over for a few minutes and hold him and see him.  It was another beautiful baby boy.  Quite the same, yet a lot different.  He had no complications, started eating right away and was just sleeping away and getting used to everything.

We were trying to remember how Brooks looked as a new born and Kelly did a side by side picture of both boys:
The next morning we took Brooks over to see mommy and daddy and meet his new little brother.  He wasn't sure what to make of all of it.  I caught a photo of him near mommy's bed.

This photo needs a caption:
 What title would you give to this photo??

Here's a photo of some proud grand parents with their newest and second grandson;

 Mom and Dad checking out Harrison.

 Kelly came home on Thursday and Brooks got to see more of Harrison.
And everyone is adjusting well.  Tomorrow he will be one week old.  And Brooks can't wait to show him some tricks on his iPad.

We are having a lot of fun with Harrison and adjusting to his schedule and spending time over at Kelly and Jon's when we can help out.  So far it's been a busy week but an exciting one.  We think we'll probably be here in the area until mid-May.  We'll see how things go.

That is for now - thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Roadrunner Financials - January 2017

Roadrunner Recap
In January,  we stayed parked at Sea Mist (military campground) at Dam Neck Annex in Virginia Beach.  We have been here since mid - December and plan on staying until about mid - May.

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
We didn't drive the motor home this month, so there was no need to get any diesel fuel.
We underspent in:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Campgrounds, and 
  • Medical

Biggest Expenses
We overspent in the following areas:

  • Gas (car)
  • Car Maintenance (induction service, new plugs, wiper blades
  • Misc (gifts, clothes, boots and shoes)
Highest 1 Time Cost Item
The diagnostic service and maintenance on the car was $415.

Monthly Average

We had a very good month and almost came it at the budget.  We were only $22 which is a win in my book.  After all the months of maintenance and medical it's nice to bring down the monthly average again by over $150.  But we are still way behind for the fiscal year which began in June.

That's another look at where our money went during the second month of the new calendar year.

As always, if you think this spreadsheet might be useful I'd be glad to pass it along at no cost.  Just let me know.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly 'What We've Been Doing' in Virginia Beach

Time is flying right by for us at Virginia Beach.  We've been busy seeing things, enjoying some nice weather, spending time with friends and most of all -- spending time at the Goldmans!  Though we are on the other side of the city, we have been going over to Jon and Kelly's and hanging out with Brooks.

Last Saturday we began by attending the yearly RV show here at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  It was a rather small show but still had some interesting displays.  My main interest this time was in looking at the Class C's.  We are not in the market for one now, but who knows?  Maybe in the next few years, we might be...

The one that impressed me was the Thor Chateau 31' model.
I really liked the full side slideout on the Driver Side.  Were we to downsize, it would be an adjustment from current size of the Roadrunner.
We are a few years away (hopefully) from making such a move, but I like keep up with the trends in the industry.  One trend is for a full length slide out.  This model has that and it is the first one I've seen on the Class C.

Another newcomer RV is the Tiffin Class B - the Wayfarer.  We will look forward to seeing those out and about.  Mr. Tiffin told Pam and I in December that they would be taking orders in March 2017.

Aside from the RV show, we've been watching the weather and today in fact, I will be emptying the grey and black tanks, putting away the sewer hose and getting ready for some more freezing weather.
While checking things out yesterday, Pam found a drip under the engine that is a problem.  This is a picture I took laying on my back and looking up from the concrete pad.
I could see a slow drip coming from the connection to this piece. Later today, I will put out the kitty litter to absorb the spill and also take off the inside cover of the engine to take a better photograph so we can send it to a shop in the area and get it fixed.

I hate the fact it is leaking but once again, it all goes with the territory.  It doesn't look like a major issue but we'll have to get it into the shop to get it fixed.  

Yesterday we had an outing with Kelly and Brooks to the Virginia Aquarium.  What a great place!  We are going to be here for a few months so we decided to get a yearly pass in conjunction with Kelly.  It came out to be about $65.  If Pama and I got a couple of more times, it will have paid for itself.

I met these two nice ladies at the gift shop.  They promised to check out the blog after I gave them a contact card.
 On into the displays:
This little board shows information about Virginia's Rivers that are interesting to me including the fact that George Washington fished for over 1,000 shad in 1771.
 It really speaks to the abundance in the rivers in days gone by.  I don't think I realized how plentiful game and fish were hundreds of years ago.  Thank goodness for the fisheries and game and fish departments that replenish our rivers and lakes and streams.

Brooks was glad to be wandering (running at times) around the aquarium.  He was interested at times in the fish but also quite enamored with other things.
 He liked to climb back and forth along the little uneven wall against one of the large window walls of the aquarium.
 And he liked to look out over the channel near the aquarium.
And he liked to reach into the tank of rays that had been 'defanged' (not the technical term) and were harmless.
And after a busy hour or so, he put on the brakes and had a quite few moments by himself...
Sometimes you wonder what is going on in the little guy's mind...

After a few moments he was up and off again for more exploring
The couple of hours we spent at the Virginia Aquarium were well worth it and we'll undoubtedly be back.  It is a fascinating place.  It reminded me in a way of the Monterey Aquarium though that one is on a much larger scale.  Both are unique and educational.

We are enjoying our time here and have now been in VB a month!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Routine of Sorts in VB

The snow melted about a week ago here in Virginia Beach.
Rain and 70 degree weather changed things dramatically.  Regardless of the weather, we are excited to be within 100 yards of the beach.  In cold weather or warmer weather, I love the beach!

I have had many walks along this beach and no doubt will continue them during the next few months that we will spend here.  We are thinking we'll be around until the first part of May.
While here, I had a followup appointment with the retina specialist.  He liked the looks of things and said I should go see the cataract specialist to see if I should do that surgery now or get a new prescription.

He recommended surgery so that is what I did.
This amazing journey through this segment of the high tech medical field continues.  Cataract surgery looked like this for me as I waited.  About 15 minutes after this I was done.  Now 10 days later -- results are terrific.  I am SO thankful.  I have 20/30 eyesight now and in about a month when I get new glasses, it could get even better.  

Seven months ago I could not tell the nurse how many fingers she was holding up.  Now the prospects are good for better than 20/30 eyesight.  -- Amazing!  

The real reason we are here in Virginia Beach is to be grandparents!  That is one special job description.   We love the whole idea and like spending time with Brooks and Kelly during the daytime.

He is one busy fella and cute as he can be.  Nothing makes his day more than playing outside!
He likes running around and teasing Lennon (black/white dog) his bone.
You will notice a green golf club on the ground.  He isn't too excited about that yet, but we are working on it...

He does like kicking the soccer ball, or raking through his garden - he can spend hours in the yard every day when it is not raining.
 Sometimes he just runs around and plays hide and seek behind the trees. Or on his little climbing fort and slide.
Other times he takes a break and drinks a smoothie.  And he points to the airplanes in the sky that he can hear when they take off.
 Other times, he chills out inside and watches some of his YouTube videos on his iPad.
 Or he comes over to the Roadrunner and plays 'pick up sticks'.

Yesterday we went to the local library.  Its pretty excellent with a little kids area that has a lot of activities.
Seems as if we end up spending about 1/2 our time over at Kelly and Jon's which is wonderful.  And the other half, we are digging out of the snow, working on the blog (I have been doing a lot of catchup) and reading.

I have read a number of books over the past few weeks and and currently enjoying one on Lincoln "Team of Rivals" and one of local history, "Virginia Beach, Then and Now".

That's about it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Sort of a 'day in the life' post of what we've been up to.  Hope you are having a wonderful week!