Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hike to the Grotto

We picked up Bill at his cottage and went over to the Cypress Lake entrance to the Bruce Peninsula National Park.  The Bruce Peninsula juts out in this area and and separates Lake Huron from the Georgian Bay.  It is part of the Niagra Escarpment which stretches over 450 miles from Niagra to Tobermory.

We visited the Park on a great day.  It was some sort of 'national free day at the park'.
Thanks Canada!  The goal was to hike to the Grotto which is a natural cave carved into the cliffs.  Along the way we took a group picture.
The trails were well marked and maintained.
The 1.5 mile trail through the woods lead around Cypress and Wall Lake to the coastline.  The trail was on the rocks near the water which was exceptionally clear.

The rock formations along the coastline are quite unique.
It was tricky to say the least to get down into the Grotto.  Kelly took the outside route around the wall of the cliff.  Bill and I went down through a crevice in the rocks.
I borrowed this photo to show the underwater hole in the rocks leading from the cave to the outside shoreline about 30 feet away.  This is why folks come to see the Grotto!

We had a picnic lunch overlooking the waters from our perch atop the cliff.  A few seagulls looked like they were interested in our tuna sandwiches...
We couldn't resist getting into the water.  Some of us went wading...
and one of us actually went for a swim.  It was invigorating!
In the distance you can see some cliff jumpers taking a plunge into the cold waters.  We were off to the left of them, following the trail along the 'beach' rocks and into the woods back to the trail head.

It was a pretty fantastic day for a hike and dip into the Grotto off the beautiful coastline of the Georgian Bay.

We may our way back to the car after a 3 hour excursion.  From there we went back to Marg and Bill's cottage and had a wonderful dinner of baked ham and scalloped potatoes.  We returned to the Roadrunner about 8:00 PM and watched some baseball before we called it a day.


  1. Spectacular photo's. We will add this place to our 'bucket list"

    Carol and John

  2. Loved the grotto pics....I should be taking notes...We gotta get back up in that part of the country!!

  3. Thanks for the photos. When we were there I was having severe back problems so couldn't walk far. We didn't get to hike in the park. It's not far away though so maybe someday......

  4. We have RV camped at Cypress Lake several times & it is a beautiful area with all the rock formations, crystal clear water, hiking trail around the lake & the Bruce trail running along the Georgian Bay shoreline. Have been to the Grotto & scenic sites along the shoreline. Reminds me of a Grecian Island somewhere. There are caves along the shoreline closer to Wiarton & they were used in a movie years ago that I can't remember. I have a lot of 35mm slide film shots of that whole area but nothing in digital. That is a truly beautiful shoreline for sure. Had a bear encounter one time at Cypress Lake as well but those pics were done with slide film as well. Enjoy your time there. One of the greatest scenic Great Lakes shorelines I've seen.

  5. What beautiful photos! Sure looks like an nice place too. Congrats on going in for a swim - I'll be that water is a bit more than "invigorating"!