Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, Friends and 4th Celebration

Pam and I got up at our usual Sunday time and made it over to the 9:15 AM service at Oakpointe Church in Novi.

Then we made the 45 minute drive to Rod and Lisa's to see them and Jon and Barbara again and to celebrate the 4th of July:
We had a barbeque scheduled and Annie, Steve's 2nd daughter, made the patriot dip for the chips.
(We got to meet Steve and his three daughters:  Gracie, Annie and April).  It not only looked great, it also tasted great!

We talked a lot on the back porch and
managed a few games of ladder ball before the grill got fired up.
Steve is a big fan of the matchless starters and it took a while, but mission accomplished and Rod got chicken and brats going.

After the great food, we had to get a couple of pictures of Barb, Pam and Lisa.
One with the sunglasses
and then without and the subsequent sun grins...
We left a little after 7:00 PM because Pam had an early flight out to Dallas the next morning.  Before we left, Steve's three daughters (Annie, April and Gracie) showed us the poodle carriage their mom has.  She wasn't able to join us because she has had some tooth and pain issues the last couple of days.
We got home before the sun went down but it was hot in the coach so we turned on the air conditioner.  After things cooled down we went to be in time for the fireworks to start.  :)

Hope you had a great 4th of July and thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Glad to see you had a great holiday BBQ with good friends. That was one good looking chip-dip!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!! The food sounded delicious and that chip-dip looked awesome. Took alot of work to do that!

    Glad you all had a good 4th weekend. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Pam left for Dallas. Lisa left for Chicago. Luckily, there's enough left over food to keep Randy and I more than nourished, satisfied and, maybe, even stuffed. BTW--Steve's wife, Barb, got in to see a dentist today but he was only able to complete 2/3 of the root canal. Even so, she's got to be feeling better.