Monday, August 26, 2013

The Redwoods of Northern California

We took another day trip through the Redwoods a few days ago.  It was a short drive from our campground in Crescent City up to Highway 199 off Elk Valley Road to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.
This was an interesting drive through the Redwoods.  I couldn't believe that within 10 miles of the coast, we were in the deep woods with the huge and magnificent redwoods.  We were there in no time.  Then it was time to slow down and gaze and ponder these trees.  It was breath taking.  
Everywhere I turned it was another picture opportunity.  Or ten.
The road was mostly dirt and wound through the side of the mountains and between the large trees.
Our little Honda was dwarfed by them.
It was a tight squeeze at times, but we went slowly and there was enough space for others to get by.
We found a trail in the Stout Memorial Grove and had another picnic.
Then we started out on another short hike.
The trail was an easy one and either paved and/or very well maintained.
It is hard to grasp the size of these trees.
It was a nice day, not too cool ~ for a good walk through the woods.
The decaying Redwoods seem to rot from the inside and leave a thick, spiny bark of a shell.
The carpet of needles and mulch made for a comfortable walk.
The trail has been well maintained over the years and goes along side of many fallen trees.
We were not alone and saw 20 or 30 folks on this trail.
We enjoyed it and decided to try some other trails.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Some things just don't photograph like they really look, something I'm actually talking about in my post tomorrow. Great shot of the vehicle by the gigantic stump!

  2. We drove through the very same park a couple of years ago! and yes it is hard to fathom just how large those redwoods are!

  3. We once went to Muir Woods north of SF and were just in awe of these majestic trees.

  4. Loved the post Randy. Being from the East, I'm never seen any redwoods, so we are looking forward to visiting some of these stands.

  5. I'll bet it smells wonderful there! Thanks for the beautiful photos, I want to be there...

  6. Beautiful photos, and thought you did a great job of showing the size perspective...Love the redwoods, so glad we got to see them a couple of years ago..

  7. There is just no way to catch the true size and glory of the Redwoods!! It along with the Grand Canyon are place that just must be experienced to really appreciate them. But your photos sure were great!!

  8. As I read on someone's blog, "Awe is such a small word". Great pics.

  9. Such an amazing area! WE have to get there sometime:)

  10. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe this wonderful place you have shared with us. This is definitely on our "must see" list!

  11. We did Avenue of the Giants years ago..Not sure exactly where we were, Washington or Oregon...There are no pictures that can do them justice..Ya just gotta stand next to one and channel the magic..