Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Few Days in Boise

After being on the road and traveling for the last few weeks, we were glad to spend a week in Boise.  One great thing about this lifestyle is anticipating what the next campground and campground is going to be like.  We found 'Gowen Field' near the airport and gave it a try.

Turned out to be a great choice!  At $10/night for full hookups (50 amp, water and sewer), we found this place to be completely satisfactory.  We got off on the right foot with the friendly and helpful staff who answered all our questions and got us checked in without a hitch.

The 'campground' is more like a parking lot on the edge of the base, but like I said - it was completely satisfactory.
We got a spot on the concrete hardstand and plugged in and enjoyed the a/c.   The view wasn't great but the place had other things going for it.

Like a fitness center and track out our front door.  I used the bike in the Fitness Center three times and went a minimum of 15 miles each day.  Part of my plan to get more fit has been to count calories again and get more exercise.  Seems to be working.
Plus we had access to the laundromat that was totally free.  Lots of washers and dryers.  And it was OK to wash the RV.  That was a little bit of good new/bad news.  I had no excuse, so I spent three days washing, waxing the roof, and then polishing the whole Roadrunner with The Solution.

It was good exercise, plus I really don't mind doing it.
And I like the result.  Another thing I liked was the good Verizon internet connection which allowed me to get a lot of my online work done for the month.

It was a good stay at Gowen Field.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Just can't beat $ 10 a night reliable power.

  2. yep sounds like a might fine spot to me as well

  3. Looks like the place is immaculate!..I find that more and more places are NOT allowing you to wash your rig..I think they are in cahoots with the car and truck wash places!

    1. I agree - sometimes I wonder. Usually though on a military site it has to do with environmental regs. Which makes no sense to me...

  4. We like washing and waxing the RV too. That campground with FREE laundry sounded awesome to me!

  5. $10 a night for good power? Sounds like a steal. Got a good wash out of the deal too.

    RV 123

  6. We just finished washing, polishing and waxing our home on wheels. You have my sympathy! What a terrific place to stay. Sure wish they would allow the niece of a retired Major General stay at those places.