Monday, August 12, 2013

Roadrunner Financials - July 2013

July was a great month to see some of Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

Roadrunner Recap
Our travels took us from La Valle, WI where Tom and Cathy have a family cottage -- to Boise, ID for a total of 2130 miles and 12 locations.  It was a busy month and we saw a lot of people and a lot of places.

Our overnight stops included the following:
  • La Valle, WI (Tom and Cathy's Cottage)
  • Milwaukee (State Fairgrounds)
  • La Valle, WI (Tom and Cathy's Cottage)
  • Moscow, IA (HWH Factory)
  • Des Moines, IA (East Des Moines KOA)
  • Sioux Falls, SD (WH Lyons Fairgrounds)
  • Omaha, NE (Offutt AFB Base FamCamp)
  • Lincoln, NE (Camp-A-Way)
  • North Platte, NE (Holiday RV Park)
  • Cheyenne, WY (FE Warren AFB FamCamp)
  • Fort Bridger RV Park (Fort Bridger RV Campground)
  • Ogden, UT (Hill AFB FamCamp)
  • Boise, ID (Gowen Field NGB Campground)

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
Our second month on our new budget showed us under budget in very few categories.  I think the one I am happiest about it Eating Out.  Others:
  • Gas for the car
  • Medical
  • Household items

Biggest Expenses
Diesel fuel was the high cost item for us again.  With all those miles and diesel at over $3.75/gallon, we filled up a lot.  We spent a lot of groceries too.

Large One Time Cost Item
No real big ones this month although we did pay for two items on our RV:

  • New foot for our PS rear jack
  • HWH control panel inside near driver's dash
Both items were as a result of our sinking in the driveway.  We had to jack up the back end, put wood under the tires, then fill in the holes under the jacks and raise the Roadrunner some more.  The PS rear jack foot broke.  Fortunately, it was a quick repair at the HWH facility in Moscow, IA.

Monthly Average
After two months, we are still over budget, primarily due to the cost of diesel.  We will be traveling a lot of miles in August, but once we get past the central part of Oregon, we are going to take our time seeing the coast.

I am thinking in another couple of months we should be back on track and near our budget.  At least that's the plan.  

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time... 


  1. I love your header picture.

    You certainly did a lot of traveling in July. I noticed you stayed at Offutt. That's our old stomping grounds. Both of our fathers were stationed there....not my favorite part of the country!

    1. Interesting - most of the people I know that have not lived in Omaha say --ugh! While those that have lived there for the most part have said it was a great place to live. When it snows though I imagine it might be pretty tough.

  2. You are living proof that people can live cheaper on the road than in stix and brix...In my dreams....

  3. I think you are right - I don't have good evident because I didn't track my expenses for all those years.

  4. Thanks for posting the budget Randy. Groceries continue to be our "over" item every month.

  5. I must continue to thank you for the budget you put so much work into and then share for others benefit.
    I am going to try very hard to make and use a budget like this in our 3rd year. I have using the same simple ( how much went in, less, how much went out ) method of accounting. This will be a lot more work for me, but will show for sure where cuts can be made. That will be an issue for us as inflation continues to eat into our living money.