Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We checked things out around the base and in Tucson yesterday. First, we went over to the gym at Davis-Monthan AFB and worked out.
The facitlities at Haeffner Fitness Center are good. It is the older gym on base, but very well maintained.

Next, we checked out the library and BX which are nearby and found they have a pharmacy outlet in the mini-mall so folks can pick up their meds while shopping.
After lunch, we found the Apple Computer store on the other side of Tucson. It took some doing, but we found the Apple store in the Encantada shopping center. We got an appointment for Thursday to come in and get some one-on-one time assistance.
I need to download drivers for the HP All In One C4500 printer. It takes hours to download on my wifi connection. I also need to get the wireless feature set up.

We also went by the Best Buy store. I turned in my Canon Powershot SD1200 Digital Elph. I love the camera and use it everyday. But it needs cleaning and/or maintenance. The only option I had was to turn it in to the Geek Squad and leave it with them for two to four weeks.

Yikes! I use my camera all the time. I can't be without one for that long?? What options do I have? They suggested I purchase a new one, then return it after my current one gets repaired. I made sure to ask if there would be a stocking fee and the manager said there would not be one. We will see how that goes...

On a related note--our friends Art and Gerri went to La Mesa RV here in Tucson to get their windows replaced. The company said no problem, but that they would be charged labor ($130/hr at La Mesa) to get them installed. What??

We stood there at Quartzsite and Bob Tiffin said he would 'warranty' the windows. Nobody asked but we all understood that we would not have to pay anything. Gerri called Bob Tiffin today and got the OK to warranty the labor as well!

After Best Buy, we went to Target to get some pillows for our bed.
Then we returned to DM and went to do a tub of wash.
They have a small but adequate laundry facility at the Agave Gulch RV park.

We went over to the RV park office to see where we were on the list. While there, we met Jerry and Jenny who arrived a few minutes before we did on Saturday.
We found out we are #13 on the list and they are #11. It looks like it will be a few more days, but it is fine in the overflow area. We are in no hurry.

After that, I grilled some chicken for the pasta alfredo and we had a delicious dinner.

After a little TV (Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, sports) we went to bed.
Thank you for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today.

Meghan is having an MRI today and not starting radiation as I understood earlier. Thank you so much for you prayers.

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