Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday Golf in Tucson

We like Wednesday because it gives us a chance to play golf and meet new people at the FAMCAMP here in Tucson. The base golf course has booked tee times for the RV park so we just show up, pay our $21 greens fees and enjoy it.

Yesterday we met Jerry and Gail and played golf with them.
They are from near Colorado Springs and spend three or four months in Tucson each year. They both play golf well and we enjoyed their company.

It was gorgeous day here.
It was about 74 degrees, sunny, no clouds, a very slight breeze, and the kind of day you'd hope for in Arizona. It was great.
We had some good shots during our round, but it wasn't a great day scoring. I had a birdie, missed a couple of close ones. Pam didn't have one of her better days, shooting a 53 on each side. (Last week she had a 45 before we got rained out).
I had a some bad holes too, shooting a 41 on each nine. But it was fun, we met some nice people and got some exercise.

We also saw a few animals along the way. First was a prairie dog.
I hit an errand shot and was over in his territory. But he just peeked out of his hole at me...

Next was a coyote making it's way across the fairway.
Yikes! It was about 150 yards away which was about as close as I'd want to get.

Later, we saw a beautiful roadrunner on another tee box.
He was one of the most colorful roadrunners I have seen.

We started about 10:00 and finished up by 2:00 which is a pretty good time for a round of golf. Pam and I walked the course instead of using electric carts and feel as if we are on the verge of getting a little bit more into shape. It will take a while, but we have been exercising more while here in Tucson. :)

After golf, I washed the car and we hung around the coach, had salmon and catfish for dinner and watched the Olympics. That was about it for our Wednesday.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!


  1. I love your animal and bird pictures! It's great that you could get close enough for good shots.

  2. It's a pretty good day on the golf course when you can mix in a coyote and a prairie dog with a "birdie". Nice pics!