Sunday, January 31, 2010

On to Tucson - Aguave Gulch

We left the Quechan Casino RV campground after breakfast. We took advantage of the $2.95 special and had ham, eggs, sour dough toast and potatoes. It was great.

Then we hitched up, headed out and got on I-8 going east. It took us about five hours and we arrived in Tucson about 2:30 P.M. The RV campground at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson is called Agave Gulch FamCamp. We registered at Agave Gulch and went to their overflow parking for a few days of dry camping.
No problem-- we know how to do that. We are number 45 on the list. The RV park has 50 spaces in the overflow area and 140 spaces with full hookups. Campers can stay in the park for 21 days and then they have to move to the overflow area until their number comes up again. We figure we will be in the overflow area for four or five days.

Agave Gulch is very well organized and it is an award winning campground. In fact it has been named the best military campground for RVers in 2007, 2008, 2009. We can see why. We are looking forward to staying here for the next few weeks.

After we got set up, we drove out to Desert Trails RV park were we had stayed before Christmas and said a quick hello to Bill and Marty. On the way back, we stopped and picked up a Little Caesar's Pizza for dinner and got back in time to take a few pictures of the sunset.
This morning I took another picture of some interesting clouds. Beautiful skies in Arizona.

Our friend Judy has spent the last four winters in Tucson. We met her and other RVers while volunteering with the NOMADS this summer in Pontiac IL. We called her and spent the afternoon with her at the Far Horizons Tucson Village Park.
We got a tour of the grounds and saw the great facilities. I was very impressed. It was a beautiful afternoon and we spent time soaking up the rays while we talked on her patio.

Then she came over to Agave Gulch and joined us for dinner and more fellowship. It was a great start to our first weekend in Tucson.

Yesterday, some friends and followers notified us that our blog post of last Tuesday made it to the online RV magazine:
What a surprise! And what a hoot to have our photo published with Bob Tiffin. -This lifestyle continues to be full of the unexpected...

Thank you so much for following and checking in today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.

And thank you for your prayers for Meghan and her family and Adam. We all need them. She sees the doctor on Tuesday and will have more to share after that.

Hope you have a good week.


  1. Beautiful skys indeed! I hope you number comes up soon.

    Thoughts and prayers for Meghan.

  2. Must be a bit like hitting the jackpot when your number comes up! Nice pics. Sure hope Meghan gets encouraging news from her doctor - we'll be thinking about her and waiting to hear how she does.

  3. I wish I was there, great photos. You can say hi to my old Adventurer I leave there, I am sure it gets lonely parked with all those airplanes. It is staying below freezing here, which is good for walking and driving. I have 6 weeks left on my work contract and I kinda don't know if I want to get extended. You blog makes life on the road look fun. Meghan was in our prayers tonight.