Friday, February 19, 2010

A Busy Day Seeing Friends in Scottsdale & Tempe

Yesterday was the day to visit as many friends in the Phoenix area as we could. We were able to line up time with Carey, Wes and Diane, and Alisa and Craig.

Pam and I took a two hour drive north to Scottsdale to see Carey and started out about 8:30. He invited us for lunch at his place since we were in the vicinity. I have known Carey since the 1970's when I was a student at Arizona State. Carey was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and we met each week for discipleship.He is still working with men and is now involved with a Prison Ministry.

We arrived in Scottsdale about 11:00 and made it over to his place. It was fun catching up with him and having lunch.
Carey really knows his way around the kitchen. He handled the tomatoes,
and showed me how to core and cut up a pineapple.
He had great roast beef and/or turkey sandwiches for us and we enjoyed the fruit salad followed by ice sandwiches for dessert. Yum!

Next we saw friends Diane and Wes who live in nearby Tempe. They were involved in the AWANA ministry when we met them back in 1988. We met for the first time when we stopped at the Grand Canyon on our move from San Bernardino to Albuquerque. They were there from Tempe and on a family vacation.

Later, we found out they were involved with churches in AWANA and we joined them on their advisory board for a number of years. We have kept contact with them over the years and last saw them in 2006.

Their youngest daughter Rebekah tragically died 12 years ago from an eating disorder. Since then, they have helped young girls by telling her story in the local high schools and providing access to resources. Here is her web site.

We spent the whole afternoon catching up and hearing about their lives in recent years.
They are working through a number of things and it was our privilege to hear of their faith as they move ahead. They are a real inspiration to us.

We had contacted Craig and Alisa and were able to see them later for dinner in Scottsdale. They have lived in the area since we were all students at ASU.
Craig has had his own company for years and is doing double duty working on a couple of projects that require lots of hours.

They have three grown kids, two of whom are married. Alisa went back to the classroom about 10 years ago and is a 3rd grade teacher. Criag's brother Jeff was visiting so we got to meet him.

Alisa had a very nice dinner of roast beef and potatoes and green beans.
She topped it off with grapefruit cake.
She picked the grapefruit off a tree in their yard and it turned out great! First time for that dessert-- very tasty. Before we left we got a group shot.
We have said many times one of the best things about the full-time RV lifestyle is being able to reconnect with friends and family who are spread all over the country. Yesterday was a prime example of that. It was a long but wonderful day to see everbody.

Meghan Update - she continues to finish up her radiation and meets with her doctor on Feb 23 to see what the next round of treatment entails. Please continue to pray for her healing and remembering her and her family. They really appreciate it. Especially your prayers. Keep them up!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles! Hope you are having a good week.

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  1. What a busy & great day you had visiting your good friends.... Glad you had such a wonderful time! Continued fun & travel safe!