Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apple iPhone for a Fulltime RVer?

Yesterday Adam surprised us was when he called on his iPhone. I never know when he'll call and it is always good to hear from him. He called me, then paused. Next thing I knew Pam, who was at the commissary, was on the phone. He said, "Wait!" and then Kelly was on the call also.
Our first family conference call! That was pretty cool.

There was no special occasion, just Adam showing another neat feature of the iPhone.He has had his iPhone for a couple of years and really loves it.

I am thinking about replacing my aging Blackberry and getting an iPhone.

Is it worth it?
Do any of you out there have one?
What is the best thing about it?

An Apple Store rep told me a couple of weeks ago the best way to get one is to wait until the new ones come out and then by one for $99 that is the current one and has been refurbished.

It makes sense to me because it has the same warranty as a brand new one and you know it has been tested and retested. The new ones out of the box have probably been 'spot checked' with a percentage of them actually checked out.

Let me know what you think. With some of the cool apps on the iPhone, I think I can forego getting a GPS. We'll see...

That's all I have to share today on the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks for viewing.


  1. Randy,
    I still believe the Iphone is the best phone on the market hands down. Thomas has the gps feature on his and it is fantastic. That's just my opinion. The only down side is they're extremely fragile.

    Safe Travels,

  2. Randy, I have an iPhone (for about 3 months now). So I am not an expert but everything I used to do on my Palm Centro I can do on the iPhone. Those things included alarm clock, reading books (several formats), updating Word and Excel files, scheduling (Getting Things Done), Bible with several versions and commentaries, sync with Outlook, etc. I have been able to do some additional things with the iPhone like Facebook, blogging on several sites including Blogspot, RSS links reader, and on and on. I am still discovering it's capabilities like strange uses of the accelerometer / gps / compass (surveying apps, trail tracking, pedometer, heart monitor, treadmill distance) ... Oh yea, it takes pictures and video, interfaces directly to Google maps, and has an iPod function, and I have several apps that make music. I am getting pretty good use out of it - but, they don't refer to it as a CrackPhone for nothing (play play play).

    Kim Woodward

  3. I'm a fan of the iPhone even though I don't have one(yet). I do have the iTouch though and I'm extremely pleased with it - it's a great little pocket computer to have with you. The iPhone is even better as it has it's own modem and can connect to the Internet on it's own where the iTouch requires a free wifi signal. The apps are amazing, my next phone will definitely be an iPhone.

  4. Well, it has an excellent GPS and there are some super GPS apps like MotionX. If you were considering a golf rangefinder like Sky Caddy - save your money. With Golfshot GPS (one time $29.95) you get an amazing app. Even keeps your score and sends you a scorecard. Overhead satellite shots, and many useful features. If you weren't thinking of something like Sky Caddy, never mind.

    Vlingo, Flightaware, Bibles, Compasses, Open Table, Sudoku, and everyones old time favorite - Atomic Fart!

    With Open Table, you tell it where you want to eat and what time, and it will tell you all of the restaurants that have tables open at that time. It will make your reservation and if you want, handle the ordering of flowers, or whatever.


    Fandango for theatres, listings and ticket purchases.

    With Air Sharing you can drag docs from your mac right into the iPhone.

    Stuff like that.

  5. Randy Sandy has had a Iphone for over three years and just loves it. Earlier this mounth she upgraded to the 3GS and I took her 3G. This is more than just a phone. It's a computer, Mp3 player, you can down load all kinds of Apps. Read email surf the web and Apple's support is the greatest.

  6. We've both had our iphones for about a year. As chief navigator at our house I use it all the time to find everything from campgrounds to Walmarts. My favorite app is "Truck Stops", which gives you the lowdown on nearby truck stops, fuel prices, rest areas and Walmarts. Pretty cool. The FB app is great, too.

    Each phone has had a defect that resulted in replacement, which Apple gracefully handled at an Apple store with one and by mail with the other. (Nearest store was 200+ miles away.)

    AT&T's 3G network is speedy but currently limited to metro areas and major highways. But, it's growing.

    Bottom line: BUY!

    Hope this helps.

  7. We have the droid which is the Verizon version of the Iphone. It delivers an excellent internet experience and has tons of apps, many of the same as the Iphone and some unique to the droid. We use the GPS and it is awesome!! With this phone we can continue with our Verizon coverage and plan that we currently have. Its an awesome phone. We love ours.


  8. I've had an iPhone for a couple of years. It is glued to my hand! It is great for full-timing. Since you have Internet access, email, and apps, you have immediate access to so much info. Check out rv park reviews, quickly call for a reservation, I use "Around Me" to find banks, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Another one is "Off Leash" that shows nearby dog parks. Google Earth and Google Maps are easily available. Although it has a good GPS, we still prefer our Garmin Nuvi for motor home travel. If I lost my iPhone, I'd jump in the car immediately and go buy another one.

  9. I LOVE my iphone, and it came in handy many times on our trips the past year. We didn't spend $ for a GPS, and between Yelp and googlemaps, always knew where we wanted to go (eat, camp, etc.). I had instant access to emails - it dings when you get a new one - and kept me entertained with all the games and music. I used to have a Blackberry, and this runs circles around the Blackberry.