Saturday, February 20, 2010

Places We Might Not Visit Again Anytime Soon...

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday after getting back from Scottsdale on Thursday night late. Like midnight late. For us, that is unusual. But it was well worth it and a very memorable day visiting with Carey, Wes and Diane, and Alisa and Craig.

So yesterday we read books and hung around the Roadrunner out a bit. I started putting some Murphy Oil Soap onto the inside of the coach. We have a lot of cherry wood cabinets and trim that needs to be cleaned and polished. I also started cleaning the outside of the Roadrunner with The Solution - a waterless cleaner that polishes and cleans.

Meanwhile Pam did the laundry and went to the store. But we mostly didn't do a whole lot.

As I was perusing a blog I follow regularly, I read Nick Russell's latest post: Ten Least Favorite Places, I thought, "we have a list of those kinds of places"--so here goes our list.

1. McConnell AFB FamCamp. This is a poor excuse for an RV campground or campsites. It has only 6 spaces on a service road that gets some traffic with no separation. There was standing water in three of the six sites and it only has 30 amp power, no hookups. The front office is co-located with the base temporary lodging and there was no parking for rigs. We had to park in the street while we registered. I have never run into a place that requires shot records--for the dog. At the time Ed (Kelly's dog)was with us. They should close this place. WalMart would have been better and that is where we will stay next time.

2. Lake Fairfax Park. This was only the second campground for us. Our first campground after we bought the RV was in Hampton VA. Lake Fairfax Park was our second at it was high-priced ($40/night) with no sewer hookups and no water. Even though we were new to the whole experience, we knew that was a lot of money. And the park was not that well run. The folks at the desk were not very helpful and it seemed like they could be doing a lot more with the facility. Part of the friction was that the parking police were out every day. They required parking for guests 200 yards away and they made their rounds trolling and inspecting everyday. Not helping...just inspecting.

3. Kansas. We had a couple of long days driving from Wichita to Greensburg Kansas and then again from Greensburg to Albuquerque. Both driving days were overcast, cloudy and pretty dark. So I am sure we did not see the better sights in Kansas. Those stretches seemed to miss any scenic views.

Believe it or not--that is as far as Our Worst 10 list goes. I thought we would have a lot more to list--but we don't.

We have been full-timing now for almost nine months. We have stayed at over 40 different campsites and overnight locations. Most have been fine. Some have been great. Fewer locations have been those places we want to avoid. Maybe this list will grow, but hopefully we will be able to do our research and continue to see some great places.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Keep going on the military bases. We'll stay away and do our traveling somewhere else. Thanks.

  2. Randy & Pam,
    I'm not surprised that the sights were not too pleasant around Greensburg, Ks. Remember, there was a devastating F5 Tornado that passed through there a couple of years ago. They are just now trying to rebuild the town. It used to be a nice small town. Also, visit the eastern part of the state. The Flint Hills are amazing. Also there are several historic sites like Fort Scott, and the Museums in Kansas city are a must to see. I may be a little prejudice since Mac & I are from Kansas and have lived in Eastern Kansas for the last 17 years before we started our RV travels.

  3. It's nice that your list is only 3 items long! Long ago (1980's) when we'd fly from place to place for vacations, we thought the midwest was a place we'd never want to see. Then in 1990, when we got a big RV and actually began getting out into the "real world" we find that there isn't any state we don't want to see and explore thoroughly. So...reconsider good old Kansas! It may surprise you. (and NO we've never even lived in KS, just visited)

  4. Come on now Randy. You didn't enjoy that "over priced" park in Fairfax? You lived in the area, you know how over priced everything is.