Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Things Done in Tucson

After a cloudy day, the sun returned and provided new motivation for a lot of different projects.  I took a look at the leaking hose underneath the sink.  When I connect the hose for the sprayer in the black tank, the Flush Vacuum Breaker underneath the sink leaks onto the floor of the sink cabinet.

I tried a number of lengths my new Rescue Tape, but the check valve continued to leak.  I called the factory and ordered a new part (for $29.37).  It should be a fairly easy replacement. 
Next, I cleaned the gasket again around the opening of the toilet bowl.  First, I had to remove the fuse, then use the manual red button to open it.  I cleaned it off and applied some Vaseline, hoping it would provide a pliable seal so the toilet bowl would hold water.  I tried this a month ago and once again it didn't work.  We may have to have it looked at when we are back at Red Bay in April.

Next, I moved the bicycles out of the car, put the front wheels on, and put battery operated headlights and taillights on both bikes.  
Finally, some progress and I finished off that project.

Earlier in the week, we made an appointment at the Apple store to get my HP C4580 printer working with my MacBook.We arrived for our 2:45 P.M. appointment and checked in at the Genius Bar. 
 They were very busy and we were able to get help from Brandi, who manages the repair shop.  She tried a number of items and downloaded the drivers.  She loaded them, but the printer would not complete a print job.

Finally she decided to archive the Mac OS.  She re-loaded the drivers, rebooted the computer and gave it a go---success!!  
After two hours at the Apple Genius Bar with Brandi, we were quite pleased with the help and assistance.  I have been without a printer for almost six weeks.
At the end of the day, I felt like I got a few things done which was nice.

Meanwhile, we are watching the news and the weather and our heart goes out to the folks we left behind in Fairfax VA.  Yikes-- are they having some snow back there!!  And another 12 inches forecast for the next 24 hours.  Hope things work out ok and everyone stays warm!

Thanks for view the Roadrunner Chronicles today.

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  1. In all my years of working with computers, I've never been able to figure out why printers are still so difficult sometimes. And, why all the different drivers for the same manufacturer? It's always been a mystery to me. Glad you got yours fixed though!