Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Places to Visit

You probably saw this one coming. Our experience has been great over the last nine months and we have found many great places to park the RV. Of the almost 40 places we have parked, most most have been fine. Some have been great! Here's a list in no particular order:

1. Camp Pendleton, California. We stayed at the USMC campground right on the beach where we had Christmas. Our kids flew in and we got to see Meghan again, plus most of our family at Chris & Rob's place in Del Mar.

2. Tucson, Arizona. We liked Desert Trails RV park (where we stayed in November) and are enjoying it here at Davis-Monthan AFB where we have been for almost three weeks. We love Tucson!

3. Quartzsite, Arizona. We found out what it is like to 'dry camp' / 'boondock' for almost three weeks and loved it. Even with no hookups, we really liked being out in the desert. We learned how to manage our water (showers are over rated) and it was no big deal to drive over to the dumpstation to empty our tanks.

4. South Dakota. We had a terrific time in Sioux Falls (stayed at the fairgrounds where we met John & Maryetta) and got to spend time with good friends Steve & Therressa. We also loved the Black Hills and stayed at Ellsworth AFB Famcamp.

5. Canada. It was great to seek the Bakers and explore Ontario. We liked Miller Lake and Tobermory and the Bradley Cabin. We also had a great time seeing Jeff & Tiffany Royce and their kids. Now that we know where Bayfield is, next time we will have to be sure and contact Al & Kelly.

6. Benbrook Lake, Fort Worth Texas. It was convenient to stay there and see daughter Kelly and my brother Brad & sister-in-law Sue.

7. St. Ignace KOA near Mackinaw Island. I can see why Mackinaw Island is the #1 tourist attraction in Michigan. It was a terrific place to visit.

8. Croswell, MI. We liked it because it was a cozy little town and we had a nice spot to park in front of Adam's place for a couple of weeks.

9. Maynardville, Tennesse. How great is it when your brother-in-law carves out an RV pad so you can park on their property? I'll tell you--really great. We have bigger plans (power, septic ...who knows what else).

10. 4H Campground, Pontiac, IL - the campground was really not that great but we have such found memories there of our time with fellow NOMADS. And Pontiac is really a great little mid-western town in the mid-west. We loved it there!

11. Kirtland AFB Famcamp, Albuquerque NM. The camground was fine and we had plenty of room. It was well run and we'd go back. The real attraction is being in Albuquerque to see Reid & Amy. We had a terrific time there.

12. Fort Bliss Travel Camp, El Paso Texas. Another military campground that was nice. We'd stop there again.

13. Lake Buckhorn Resort, Kerrville, Texas. We loved the hill country of Texas. This campground was VERY nice and we were there for the RV-Dreams rally. How many RV campgrounds have a putting green 5 feet from your RV pad? Nice place.

14. Offutt AFB Famcamp, Omaha, NE. The campsites were fine and the campground was on a lake. Another place we'd try again.

15. Santa Fe, NM. We stayed at the Rodeo Grounds which isn't much to brag about, but we love the city and had a terrific time with our Care-A-Vanner building project with Habitat for Humanity. We met some great people there and look forward to doing it again!

Most of the campgrounds we have been to are a result of convenience. Sometimes you get a campground with campsites that have the 'it' factor. Other times they are near where we need to be. Rarely have those two criteria come together for us. But we love our coach and we always enjoy coming back home to the Roadrunner.

I think as we get more experienced at this we made hone our skills at picking campgrounds that are not too far out of the way and that have georgeous scenery. Looking for those places is half the fun of this life-style. :)

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks for your comments. We may have to give Kansas another shot :).

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  1. Great to see that your "likes" list was a lot longer than your "don't likes". Thanks for the heads up and the reasons for liking these places.

  2. Good Morning... Looks like some great parks you have visited... In our 6 years of full timing we have some good, bad & down rite ugly experiences... BUT like you the GOOD have outweighed the others... Have a wonderful Sunday & travel safe!!!

  3. I enjoyed your "best" list so much. We cannot stay at the military CG's but it is always interesting to be able to read about them. Thanks for all the great stuff. Enjoy the day!