Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Claim to Fame

First of all -- let me say thanks! to all of you that posted comments on the iPhone! I appreciate your feedback on it...

There are a couple of things I am fond of saying when it comes to Pam, like, "I am the luckiest guy in the world", and "My claim to fame is that I married her".

Amazingly that was 31 years ago today in Fort Walton Beach Florida. We were both in the Air Force and stationed at Hurlburt Field AFB - home of the 1st Special Operations Wing. We met one Sunday afternoon at a woman's softball game. I quickly learned she was an ace pitcher and a real female athlete. She also pitched for the Squadron Softball team.

Our first date was playing racketball. That was back in the spring of 1978. We got engaged in August and married in February. My wedding present to her was a set of golf clubs. She learned the game and enjoys it as much as I do.

Yesterday we celebrated by joining the weekly Famcamp RV group at the course. We gathered at the first tee and figured out who we could play with--- and then we were off.
We ended up playing with Larry and Bruno who were two singles and real nice guys. It was a nice day with plenty of sunshine. I think it was about 70 degrees.
Bruno insisted on taking a separate picture of the 'Anniversary Couple'...
After we played golf we went back to our new campsite. Our 21 days at the full hookup sites were up, so we had to move to the overflow parking. We will only be here in Tucson for four more days, so we went to the long term overflow area. It has more area and space at each of the campsites. Folks in this area never rotate into the full hookup sites.
We really like it here. We even have a few trees for some late afternoon shade.

Later in the evening, we decided to go out to Olive Garden for dinner. We don't go there often but we always like it when we do.
We had a terrific waitress and it made our time their even more enjoyable. Pam had Beef & Tortellini and I had Seafood Portofino. Both were excellent.

Once we were back on base we decide to take a short tour of the aircraft display near the front gate of Davis-Monthan AFB. Pam worked on F-4s (like the first one shown below) while we were stationed at Kunsan AB, South Korea. Can you guess what kind of airplane is at the far, right hand corner?
The "Warrior Park" is very well done and a nice addition to reinforce Air Force tradition and history. We ran out of time before the sun went down and will have to visit it another time to see all the aircraft on display.

After that it was another typical evening of reading and watching the Olympics. I am going to miss it after it is over in a few days.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles. And we especially enjoy all those comments-- keep it up!


  1. Weird. Josh and I dined at Olive Garden last evening also. The "Tour Of Italy" is awesome. I think Josh finished his take home leftovers tonight

  2. Congratulations guys!!! We think you all compliment each other very well. You have us beat by a few years...Nov 27th we celebrated our 27th. Looks like you all had a great day. :)

    Keeping Meghan in our well as Adam.

  3. It is weird. We never saw you guys there...

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary Randy and Pam! Many, many more to come I'm sure. Sounds like you celebrated with a nice dinner too.

  5. Happy Anniversary on 31 years and wishing you 31 more to come.

  6. Love this post!
    I'm kind of jealous of the short sleeves on the golf course though Mr. Warner!! xo

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    You guys have us beat by 4 years and living in an RV and staying happy means you still enjoy each other.
    After the Olympics, go back to the lighted trail around the aircraft. We did that most every night and it is quite enjoyable. I do perform a mental block, so I can enjoy the F-4 and B-52. Yep I worked on those and the F-100, but it was easy or I was younger,no bad memories of the duck.

  8. Happy anniversary - we just celebrated our 29th, but haven't gotten to go full time yet - I'm still working for another couple of years. We're both ex-Air Force as well - only I just did my minimum commitment after ROTC and he retired after 23 years. We've stayed at 2 famcamps - Hill and Nellis, but our favorite military campground is Del Mar Beach at Camp Pendleton.