Monday, November 2, 2009

Working on a Galveston House

We had devotions with our NOMADs team at 7:30. That is one of the highlights of the day for me. Next we made it to our house assignment a little after 8:00. Our work assignment is on the other side of the island about 7 miles away.

The house is in an older part of the city and is the nicest one on the block. Other volunteering have worked on this for months and it is almost ready to be moved into.
The rooms are are a nice size and the whole house has new laminiate flooring. I worked with Joe in the morning to remove a window and cover it with outside paneling. The window was in the bathroom but the room is not large enough to accomodate the new surround shower that was installed.
Each home has it's set of challenges to work through. Joe has an amazing set of tools he carries in his truck and it is fun using them. My goal is to use them all at one time or another in the next 10 days. :) Pam worked inside with some other volunteers. The laminate flooring did not extend all the way to the side of each room so in some cases they had to put down some roundover crown molding. They also installed some tile flooring for the washer/dryer area and dressed up a number of threshholds under some of the doorways.
In the afternoon Joe and I worked on installing a light, fan heater in the bathroom. We had to find the center of the room, then measure the opening, drill through the ceiling (past the sheetrock and 1" thick wood flooring in the ceiling.

We will have a volunteer help tomorrow with wiring that needs to be extended for the additional switches on the wall for the unit.

It was a fun day with some good work that got done and we are getting to know some of the volunteers which is always a highlight. Sometimes the home owner is on site but that wasn't the case today.
My camera battery was low, so I didn't get any pictures for the afternoon work and had to wait for a couple of shots as the sun was going down and the moon was coming up.

Today I'd like to thank more of the 39 folks who have decided to follow our blog and have signed up on the right panel. We are well on our way to my goal of 100! In particular, thanks so much to:

Margie M, Brian 'n' Tricia, John & Terri Shea,

John & Carol Herr, Rod & Loyce Ivers,

and Wandering Willy

We look forward to another beautiful day here on the Texas Gulf coast. It is hard to image the devastation that took place a little over a year ago here. Maybe we will have some time the end of the week or weekend to take some picture of areas that were hit hardest. From what we can tell in the little we have seen, there have been thousands of volunteers and a number of agencies that have done a lot of cleanup.

Thank you for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles! Hope you check it again.

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  1. Wow this sounds like such a wonderful thing you guys are doing... Great pictures of your progress... also the sunset & moon shot were fantastic.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe