Sunday, November 1, 2009

Texana State Park, Texas

We left Weslaco, TX near the Mexico border and headed toward Galveston, TX. We could have probably made it there in one day but when we drive 7+ hours it wipes us out for a couple of days.

Instead, we wanted to find a State Park and check it out. We found a good one and arrived atTexana State Park in the mid afternoon after an uneventful drive. It was a beautiful day and we were able to check in about 3:30. The ranger indicated he had one more long site left. Perfect!

We went out to the little peninsula and found our spot. The site was a tight squeeze but we manuevered it into our campsite pad slowly and did fine. A fellow camper across the road moved his truck for us which helped!
We had time to do some hiking so we hit one of the trails at Texana State Park. We entered near trailhead #3 and went along the Hummingbird Roost Trail and it joined the Texana Trail.Along the way we got to see some interesting wildlife. Since we are not yet birders, we couldn't name the big bird flying across the water. We did recognize the turtle on the log and armadillo. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours and take a few photos.Later after a terrific catfish dinner, we sat on the shore of the lake for some quiet moments and enjoyed the evening. It was a little breezy but it was still a wonderful time.Later we did some reading and got periodic World Series updates since the trees obstructed our DirectTV reception. It was a nice way to spend the evening.

Thanks for stopping by today. And a special thanks to our regular readers who signed up to follow our blog. Today we want to say thanks to some of our earliest followers:

Jeff and Tiffany, Steve and Karen, Andrea, Stacy and Rick & Paulette!

We really appreciate it!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and please join us again on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Randy and Pam,
    Beautiful spot!!! Enjoy

  2. I thought we were followers a long time ago, but didn't see us so added us to the list. What a great area. I love the pics!

  3. As always...great pics! Now that's the life isn't it!!! Precious moments.... Don't know much about birds in TX (my husband is the real birder). But it might be a Sandhill Crane...or an Egret...