Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Days

Hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving Day!

The last few days have been beautiful here at the Holiday Park, COE campground at Benbrook Lake.

Pam and I went for a little hike the other morning and had a good time. The park has a modest 'Nature Trail' we hiked. Then we walked around a large section of the campground and enjoyed the good weather and nice day. We need to walk more often.
After our hike we had lunch and Pam ran errands. While she was gone I decided it was time to 'wash and wax' the Roadrunner. It was pretty dirty and it has been a while since I cleaned it. I bought Protect All from Camping World but don't like it as much as The Solution.
When we were with Mark and Dortha the other day, I bought some from him. I like the way it cleans and it has a very thin film to wipe off compared to the heavier, more 'wax-like' Protect All. Both are waterless cleaners.

It took me about 3 hours to finish most of the coach. I will do the windshield and front cab when I have more time to get all the bugs and creatures off. After I finished the rest of it, the Roadrunner sparkled and looked great. Plus I got some good exercise. Kind of like mowing the lawn except not the same. :)

While were in Canada this summer we saw Ladderball, an outdoor game. It really intrigued us. Later, in Sioux Falls we saw the game again and bought it at Menards. Ladderball is really a lot of fun. I set it up and we played in the backyard yesterday while the turkey was cooking.
Each player has three 'balls'. They are actually a set of two balls that larger than a golfball and smaller than a baseball and soft plastic. They are connected by a 12 inch rope. When you throw them, they wind themselves around one of the blue/red/white bars.

Brad came out the big winner and retired undefeated. He had help from the cheering section on the sidelines where Sue watched.

Our Thanksgiving Day spread was buffet style. We put the food on the coffee table and ate on TV trays and a card table in the living room. Meanwhile, the Cowboys played pretty well and won again on Thanksgiving Day.
As usual we ate too much (who doesn't on Thanksgiving Day). Kelly is staying with us and we returned to the Roadrunner before the 10:00 curfew. We had a nice Thanksgiving but missed our boys (Adam and their two sons, Mark and Drew).

That is about it for today's edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thank you for viewing! We appreciate it!


  1. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving - the home buffet you had sure looked great!

  2. Your holiday buffet looked great. Glad your Cowboys won the game!