Thursday, November 19, 2009

Knee Replacement and Such

We were up early and I had a chance to take a few 'Sunrise Over the Lake' shots. Here is one of them:
Not bad for being 5 feet outside of our RV... :) This campsite definitely has the 'it' factor. We are at Holiday Park, Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Recreation Area at Benbrook Lake.

We got ready, had a quick breakfast and headed over to the Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth.
Sue was scheduled to be there by 6:00 AM and got into surgery at 9:00 for a left knee replacement. Brad was going going to hang out in the waiting room so we met him there.

There is a lot to be impressed about with this hospital. In the waiting room a 'Patient Liaison Representative' met us and kept us updated on the progress and movement of the patient.

I also liked the hot coffee and breakfast muffins and danish rolls in the waiting room!
When I went back to the car mid-morning for something I noticed 'Complimentary Valet Parking' was in progress. It was a nice facility. And the people were very nice.

The cafeteria was very nice too. Quite a big selection for lunch. I had the catfish, Brad and Pam had fajita salad. While were eating, the doctor called Brad and said the surgery went off without a hitch and basically was a boring, uneventful procedure. (The way we like them.)
Sue was in recovery for another hour plus so we had time to finish and Brad went to be with her. We dropped in later in the afternoon and she was pretty groggy but looking great. Mark and Drew, (their sons) drove in from Houston and arrived while we were there. We said our goodbyes and will check in again on the weekend.

Back at the campground, I had a couple of minutes and took some evening shots of the lake near our campsite.
Nice place. We read our books (Texas and Centennial) for a while and hit the sack.

For all the 'silent majority' out there, we really appreciate you taking a few minutes to check out the Roadrunner Chronicles! That goes for 'Followers' and 'Commenters' too - Thanks!
That's all for now...


  1. I think the sunrise looks like the sunsets in most cases. I guess that means I don't have to get up so early to catch one. I'm so glad the surgery went well. Thanks for posting, I follow you everyday.

  2. Sounds, and looks, like a very nice hospital. Glad to here Sue's surgery was boring and uneventful - and successful! As nice as this place sounds, I'm sure she'll still be glad to be going home soon.

  3. I must have missed something (no surprise there)...who had knee replacement surgery????

  4. Hi Randy and Pam..I am a new follower of your blog..Benbrook Lake looks very nice..great job on the blog but I am wondering how you post your pictures in all different a collage..I love it and would like to try it on mine..I have noticed you have done this a few times and have been meaning to ask..thanks

  5. I use Picasa 3.5 which is Google's answer to Flikr. It is free. If you down load it and use it you can upload pictures. From the pictures you can select as many photos as you like in the Collage function.

    I also recommend Geeks on Tour web site that us a free tutorial on how to organize your photos and use Picasa.

    Thanks for the comment & question.

  6. Enjoying your site!!! As a retired Navy guy, I'm enjoying all the water shots. My wife and I plus our PWD Hank are travelling the country in our ALFA and will keep an eye out for you guys. Are you a member of SMART????