Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mrs Ward Sees Her Home

Yesterday it was my turn to lead devotions with the NOMADS group. First we sang Victory in Jesus! then looked at three verses in Proverbs Ch 16 and three in Matthew Chapter 5. I really like devotions and our time together each morning. As full-timers we visit churches when we can but often we don't get to worship together as much as we'd like.

Next, we had team meeting to discuss the punch list at the two houses where we working. One group went to the Ward house and the other went to the new house. They spent the day getting it ready to put down new flooring.

At the Ward house, Pam and I worked on the bathroom flooring and layed down some luan to give it a very smooth surface before we lay new vinyl tile.
Arlin and Marley took a look house made sure they had an updated materials list. Marley is our current team leader (and NOMADS committee chair for the United Methodist Church.) Arlin and his wife Susan are here this week to help and also get ready to assume the project lead responsibilities beginning next week. Marley and his wife Nancy will be leaving next week after being here a month.

While we hung the medicine cabinet, Maryetta was putting the finishing touches on some sheet rock seams and baseboard. John hooked up the refrigerator and got the ice maker working while Pam put the fixtures back onto the new sink.Nancy was painting door jams and Harry got the closet doors ready to install. Then Mrs. Ward (the home owner) came by with her daughter Samantha to see how things were progressing.

During the Hurricane Ike had water up to four feet in the house and lost everything. Mrs Ward is living in Beaumont Texas with her daughter and is looking forward to moving back in to her 'new' home by Thanksgiving.She talked with us and was emotional at times as she recalled how things were and how grateful she was to be standing in her new place. It is hard to imagine what these people went through if you have never been in a disaster. It was special to be able to see and meet her. Many of the hundreds of volunteers that have worked on the house since March did not get the chance to meet her.We posed for a group picture on the front porch.

After a very productive day we met back at the church for dinner. We needed to finish up the leftovers we started on Sunday. We had a potluck on Sunday but had so much food we could not eat it all then. Every one was tired after a busy day so we didn't linger too long after dinner.
Pam and I did the wash using the church facilities and then went to bed. It was a good NOMADs day.

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  1. Good Morning... How wonderful for you to meet Mrs. Warner and I know it must have made you feel so good inside knowing she will once again have a place to call home thanks to all the volunteers.... You are very special people. Have a beautiful day!


  2. How blessed you are to be able to serve others in this way! What a ministry!

  3. I continue to be amazed at all the good works you do and the ability of a handful of volunteers to do such a great job. Congratulations and thanks for the inspirational stories.