Sunday, November 8, 2009

Roadrunner Financials - October 2009

Roadrunner Recap -
During the month of October, we finished up our first Habitat for Humanity Care-A-Vanner (CAV) build in Santa Fe.  From there we made our way to the beautiful hill country of Texas and our first RV Rally as full-timers.  We were in Kerrville, TX for the RV-Dreams rally and had a great time.  The rally was geared to newbies (us) or those considering the full-time lifestyle.

From Kerrville, we went to Dallas, TX and spent time with Kelly.  We stayed out in an Army Corps of Engineers Campground in Garland, TX.  It was wet there and overgrown in many places.  I remember the washrooms were pretty bad too.  But the location was fine and we were able to see our CAV friends John and Posey.  While in the Dallas area we were able to go with Kelly to Waco Texas for a alumni Women's Lacrosse team game.  That was fun!

From there we went down to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas and had a wonderful time going across the border into Progresso Texas.  And we were able to safely go across the border and get our teeth cleaned.  We were able to walk around and get an appreciation for a Mexico border town.  It was fun to shop and have lunch.  The main thing was that in 2009 it was still safe.

Here is the specific financial information for Oct 2009:
Bottom line for October was that we were almost $1400 over budget.  Here is how the numbers broke out.

Good news are areas where we are under budget- 
I budgeted $1000 for diesel fuel and traveled from New Mexico to South Texas and came in at $168 under budget.  Another item where we did well was in campground fees.
Biggest expenses for the month - 

Large 'One Time Cost Item(s)' - 
Our biggest area of over run was in RV maintenance.  We had work done at Kerrville with an RV mobile tech and also had to be towed into Dallas when our fuel filter gave out.  Then too, we were over budget with out dental cleanings in Mexico.
Monthly average since we started tracking in June 2009 - 
We have consistently been over our budget so we no doubt have to re adjust after year one.  For now we will keep it where it is and see how it plays out.

Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...

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