Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NOMAD Birthday

Today was Joe's birthday. Joe and Frances have been NOMADs volunteers for many years and friends since we joined them on our first NOMAD effort at Pontiac IL in July.

The pictures below show the RV parking lot at the church, the entry way into the downstairs area of the church, our morning team meeting and our Roadrunner spot in the parking lot.This mornings devotions were led by Bette and Harry. Next we had a review of the progress being made on the two houses where we are working and the painting being done at the small host church where we are staying.

Then we went over to our assignment and continued work on the house. We filled in a couple of sections of the bathroom wall where the new wiring was run. The back door jam needed to be finished up. I installed the lock set and cut some boards to fill in around the frame. Shelves were installed in a front room closet and we had to reset the toilet and tighted it down.
The highlight of the evening was a social in honor of Joe's birthday. Frances cooked a pineapple right side up cake and shared it with everyone. We sang Happy Birthday to Joe again. Then we were entertained by Tom & Dotty and Aline & Emmanuel. Tom played the steel guitar and Dotty joined in with some Hank Williams songs. Aline played the flute & accordion and Emmanuel played the guitar. Both sang a few songs in French. It was terrific and a great evening of entertainment.

Then we returned to the Roadrunner and watched the World Series before calling it a night.

I want to continue to thank our 'Followers' for viewing regularly and in particular say thanks today to:
Mark & Dortha, Larry & Cindy, Kimberly & Jerry, Gummy, Hembree and Freeman

We appreciate you guys!

That is about it as we get ready to wind up our four day NOMADS work week. We work Mon - Thu and are off for three days. Thanks for checking in and hope to see you next time.

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