Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back to Fort Worth, More Time at the Hospital

We spent the night in Round Rock, and had a lazy pancake breakfast and coffee time with Terry and Joanne. Then we said our goodbyes and left for Fort Worth.

But first we had to stop at IKEA and waited until IKEA opened. It gave us a some time to stop by the Honda dealer and pick up some wiper blades. Then we picked up a rug for the Roadrunner there and drove back to Fort Worth.

We went directly to the Plaza Medical Center Hospital to see Sue. Brad was there with son Drew and we stayed a couple of hours. Friends from Sue's High School came by as did long time friends Jo and daughter Katherine.

Sue is making terrific progress. The original prognosis was a four day stay in the hospital but now they are talking about maybe letting her out on day 3. She looks great and the knee is working out well. It is amazing to think after two days she can get up and walk down the hall on a knee that has been replaced! Boggles my mind but it is a regular occurrence in the field of modern medicine.

We stayed a couple of hours and headed over to their place for dinner. They have tons of food that folks brought over. Pam made a salad and we warmed up a great casserole Sue had made ahead of time. We finished that up and Brad headed back to the hospital.

We came back to the Roadrunner with Kelly and Ed (her dog) and had a birthday celebration. Kelly's was on the 15th and Pam's was on the 17th.

Pam had mentioned to Kelly she needed a tool belt and she got one.
Now she's ready to tackle anything!

We had a quiet evening hanging out with Kelly and doing some reading before we turned in.

That brings another post to a close for the Roadrunner Chronicles. Many thanks for viewing!

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  1. Pam, I was just doing a little catching up with you on your blog and I just love your new tool belt! Leave it to Kelly! I have been thinking about you lately. I miss our evening dessert and chats.