Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Out of the Hospital

Our big deal yesterday was having Sue return home from the hospital after knee replacement surgery. Her lab results were better today and she was understandably eager to get home.
She left about 11:30 so Pam and I looked for a place to grab a quick bite.

We had never eaten at a Taco Bueno so we gave it a try.
It wasn't anything special but did the trick.

We headed over to the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base, Carswell. Years ago it was Carswell Air Force Base but it closed for a time. Now the Navy is the primary tenant and it is a Joint Reserve Base with Air Force and Navy units assigned.

We were hoping it had a Campground or RV park for future stays but we couldn't find it if there is one. Our next stop was the Commissary.
We loaded up on a few Thanksgiving groceries including a pecan pie and a mince meat pie. Kelly is going to join us at Brad and Sue's for Thanksgiving and make a pumpkin pie.

After the commissary trip we stopped at Walmart for a couple of things, then went over to Brad and Sue's. I cleaned the Honda with Protectorant while Pam started on the wash. Sue was resting comfortably and had a couple of visits by a nurse and a physical therapist. Brad was working (he is an architect) from home.

We had another very good casserole for dinner and got a head start on the Thanksgiving pies. :)

I brought my Dell laptop and went through a number of diagnostics with a help desk guy. I used Pam's Apple to converse with him on the Dell Support Chat. His conclusion was that I have a hard drive failure. It won't boot up although I can bring it up in the Safe Mode.
He said he would have another hard drive overnighted to me and have a technician install it. I am not sure the timing is going to work on this since we leave Monday, November 30 for Red Bay. We will see.

So ends another post on the Roadrunner Chronicles. Hope your Thanksgiving Week is going well. And thanks for viewing!

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  1. Good news on Sue getting home from the hospital. Not so good on your laptop, I guess. Hopefully, the new HD arrives in time to get repaired.