Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday in Red Bay

If you have been in Red Bay AL in December on the weekend, you know there is not much going on. It turned colder again yesterday but the sun came out so it was a pretty nice day.

I got up my usual early hour and made a big pot of coffee like I usually do and set down for some reading and quiet contemplation.  I love those hours of the day.  It gets me motivated when I get some things settled in my mind and heart.

By the time Pam got up at 6:30ish I was already into my main task of the day -- getting some work done online.  I have some online end of month reports to compile and write up.  Most of the inputs I need on different projects had come in over the first few days of the month so I spent all day working on them.

It was great to take a break here and there.  We had a great Sunday morning breakfast of blueberry pancakes and eggs and sausage.  Then took some time to download a sermon for a session at the Roadrunner Chapel and set up my blue tooth Bem speaker.
These things are amazing.  And even I can set it up and use it.  It is such a better sound than listening to things off my laptop speakers.  Like many of you, I added an Amazon 'one click shopping button' on the side bar of the blog.  If you start from there when you buy, we get a small commission.  I like to do that with other peoples blogs.  They get a few cents from my purchase, while it doesn't add any cost to me.  A real win-win.

Our friends Kevin and Ruth do it and it makes a difference at the end of the month.  So you might give it a try.

After listening to Lon Solomon for a while, I got back to my work and steadily stayed at it most of the day.  Pam went for a nice walk and then came back to watch the Golf Channel and see how things were shaping up at Tiger's tournament in Florida.  A motorcycle company is the new sponsor.  Ever  heard of Hero motorcycles from India?  Me neither.  The Invitational tournament only had 18 men in the field.

New sensation Jordan Spieth won the tournament by 10 shots for his second win in a row.  Last week he won the Australian Open, flew 9000 miles to Florida to win yesterday.  He is definitely on a roll.  He picked up $1M for the win.  Last place (18th) was worth over $100K.  Nice way to pick up some extra cash before the holidays.

I finished up work in the mid-afternoon and then dumped the tanks on site here.  The sewer dump is about 20 feet away but it only took a few minutes to get out my extra hose, change the fittings to connect two lines together and get it down.  While it was draining I hooked up the water and filled up the clear water tank again.

Pam fixed a fantastic dinner of chili-mac and we watched some football.  I made some phone calls in the early evening and watch some more TV.  Before I new it, it was past 9:30 PM and time to hit the rack.

That's how we spent our Sunday at Red Bay.  Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Well, at least Cabin Fever hasn't set in. I think I'd go a little loopy.

  2. You need to get in on some of these golf tournaments! :c)

  3. Sounds like a great and peaceful day...just why we are here instead of home.

  4. I agree with Paul, you like golf and it pays well for the pro's. Perhaps it could provide retirement income. Hope all goes well with your repairs.

  5. Sundays are very quiet in Red Bay.....we would take the day to drive around or visit Florence.